Every Benefit Proximity Cards Provide to Companies

When most people think about proximity cards — the cards that look like credit cards that function like keys in certain doors — they think only about their primary function related to security. This makes sense, as that is their main job. 

However, by providing seamless security, they also deliver a host of other benefits to companies and other organizations, like schools, gyms, or anywhere that needs to be secure. Let’s check out all the benefits proximity cards deliver.

Effortless Security

Proximity cards by leaders like Avon Security Products don’t just keep companies secure, but they make security easy. Employees don’t need to carry a whole ring of keys with them, that they can potentially lose and need to replace.

Employees won’t waste time wondering what key is for what door. Instead, they simply carry one card that opens every space they’re authorized to be. If an employee gets promoted and their authorization level changes, the company can just update their proximity card without having to do anything else.

Of course, proximity cards have advanced security features, such as RFID-embedded technology the card readers can process to open doors in public and private buildings. Cards incorporate small radio receives embedded upon printing.

The best companies work hard to ensure your card can work with any card reader, so compatibility is effortless. Security needs to be airtight, but streamlining it saves employees and the company time, and in business, time is money. 

Custom Branding

When people give out swag bags, they hope that people use the pens, lanyards, and other free tchotchkes bearing their corporate branding in public. It’s an opportunity to spread your image and cement your brand by transmitting it in public space.

Many people may throw out this swag or may not use it for very long, but people need to keep their proximity cards and other security products. That’s why customizing them with company branding is so effective.

People need to hold on to their proximity card closely because without it, they can’t get into their office or workspace! Printing branding on them is a great opportunity that businesses should seize.   

Onboarding Made Simple

Getting new employees up to speed can be difficult and time-consuming. Improving onboarding processes to reduce the time it takes may not seem like such a big deal when it’s only one employee, but large companies regularly hire dozens or even hundreds of people.

Handing new employees one simple key card or fob that opens everything they need access to simplifies a major aspect of onboarding. Companies can print keycards or photo ID cards and have them in their hands within a day.

Hiring has enough challenges as it is — reduce them where possible and get back your business up to speed sooner. 

Everybody wants to be secure, but companies don’t want to spend more time and money on it than is necessary. They also have other needs, such as branding and welcoming new staff aboard. Proximity cards help with it all, so consider connecting with a leading provider today.

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