Features Of Maxim88 Singapore You Won’t Be Offered Elsewhere

The competition in the online gambling Singapore industry has increased over the years and we have seen the rise of many online casinos that claim to have the best features and services out there. Though some online casinos are loaded with features and are there for their players, most of the online casinos fail to understand the demands of players. 

Maxim88 Singapore is one of the prime online casinos you will find in Singapore. The casino offers a variety of different features and ensures that it meets the demands of its players. Maxim88 Singapore is a legal platform that ensures that you get the optimal stage for gambling online. 

You will find a variety of different games which are legit and come from various reputable providers. But if we are being honest, games are something every other online casino will provide. 

So what’s so special about Maxim88 Singapore? 

Well, if that’s the question on your mind, you are reading the right article. Here we will be covering some of the top-notch features of Maxim88 Singapore which you won’t be finding elsewhere. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

When talking about the features offered by Maxim88 Singapore to its players, it’s essential to talk about the hardworking customer support team of the online casino. 

Though there is no option to directly call customer service via phone, the platform does offer various alternatives in which players can contact the support team regarding their issues and problems at the online casino. 

Most of the online casinos available today lack premium customer support teams that can help players when they are either confused or can’t do things right. But at Maxim88 Singapore, the customer support team is always there for the player’s support and guidance. 

Players at Maxim88 Singapore can also find their answer at the detailed FAQ of Maxim88 but if the answer to their questions isn’t available there, the customer support team is always there for the players at all times that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Communication with the team can be done through various modes depending on the player’s urgency. You can contact the support team via WeChat, WhatsApp, and the Live Chat option. Moreover, the customer support team knows multiple languages so you are not entirely restricted to English only. Some of the languages supported at the online casino are Malay, Chinese, Thai, Tagalog, and English.

  • Safe & Secure Environment For Gambling Online

When gambling at an online casino, it can be difficult for the players to trust the platform with everything which means their banking details to their personal information. And if the casino you are playing at isn’t a reliable one, chances are that you might end up losing a lot of valuable data.

So as a player, you have to find an online casino that gives you the optimal features relevant to security so you can enjoy your time in peace. Maxim88 Singapore has certification from BMM, iTech labs, TST Global, and more. The license to the gambling website is issued by PAGCOR and Gaming Curacao. 

Furthermore, the casino for its security ensured to get their data secured via Threat Matrix and iovation. The casino ensures that the player’s data is safe from all unauthorized parties. Moreover, Maxim88 uses a 128-bit encryption algorithm on its website to ensure that all the communication between the website and the customer remains secure. 

With this technology, no party can eavesdrop or steal the data of the players. The casino also has anti-malware software which ensures that any malware attack that is launched on the database is prevented. All in all, Maxim88 always ensures the best security for the players, so they can enjoy their time at the casino without any inconvenience.

  • Different Category Of Bonuses & Promotions

Another premium feature of Maxim88 Singapore that you won’t find elsewhere is the different variety of bonuses and promotions that are there for the players of the online casino. Maxim88 Singapore always tries to have something for everyone, so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at the casino or have been playing on the platform for quite a while now, the casino has something for everyone. 

To ensure that you get a gist of what Maxim88 offers to its players, below we have discussed some of the different promotions that you can claim at Maxim88 Singapore.

Michael Owen’s Welcome Bonus

One of the bonuses you shouldn’t miss out on at Maxim88 Singapore is the welcome bonus which is associated with the brand ambassador of the casino Michael Owen. With this bonus, players who are starting at the online casino can claim up to 288% as a welcome bonus with their first deposit. 

The best part about this bonus is that the minimum deposit required for the bonus is 50 SGD. Furthermore, players are free to choose any game wallet of their choice, it can be sports, slots, or even live casino but the players should know that it’s a one-time bonus and can’t be claimed afterward.

30% Daily Reload Bonus

If you are someone who’s already signed up for Maxim88 Singapore and you can’t claim the welcome bonus, then don’t worry because Maxim88 has something for everyone, and with the 30% daily reload bonus, you can get 30% of your deposit every time you make a deposit. 

The maximum amount of money you can win as a bonus is 300 SGD while the minimum deposit required for this bonus is SGD 50. Furthermore, the bonus can only be claimed once every day, so ensure that you claim it while you make your deposits. 

However, bear in mind that the bonus has a turnover of 15x which means that to withdraw the amount from your Maxim88 account, you need to ensure that you have met the minimum requirements of 15x. An example of this is if you deposit SGD 50, you will get a bonus of SGD 15. However, to withdraw the amount, you need a turnover which will be equal to the amount SGD 975 (SGD 50 + SGD 15) x 15 = SGD 975).


There are a variety of features available at Maxim88 Singapore which you won’t find elsewhere. However, it’s best to look out for all the rules of the games and the terms and conditions of the bonuses and offers before you do anything at the online casino. This way you will have a better chance of exploring your way around at Maxim88.

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