How to Choose a Vape to Match Your Lifestyle

With the burst of hemp-derived products on the market, many people can become quite overwhelmed when deciding on the best product for their lifestyle. It can sometimes seem like a new product has popped up each time one goes to replenish their supply. Although it may seem confusing, these additional products provide a more tailored product for each individual and their specific needs.

Choosing a Vape

Vaping is probably the easiest method for experiencing the various hemp products and derivatives available on the market. A disposable vape is the perfect medium for exploring the many benefits hemp and cannabis products offer. These products come in a variety of options and flavors, sure to meet and exceed the expectations of both novice and experienced users alike.

When choosing the right vape product, turn offers a variety of options in great flavors to meet the needs and wants of their customers. Whether wanting to unwind after a long day, get an edge on the day’s workout, or even get out and socialize, turn has the perfect option available.

With so many options available and great deals every day, customers can get turn and experience their lives on their terms. Whether searching for delta-8, THCa, or even HHC, customers can choose from a large selection of podpens, pods, and even podpaks to get the products they enjoy the most. With the right shop being turn, the next step is choosing the desired experience.

Indica vs. Sativa

The first thing to understand when choosing a type of vape product is the difference between indica and sativa. These are the two main distinctions of any cannabis product, whether hemp-derived or not. There are also hybrid options available that pull from both options but often lean towards one or the other in the experience.

Indica is often remembered easily by the phrase “in da couch”. Indica gives a very relaxing body high for the user. The common phrase is used to highlight the fact that when using this product, the user will relax into their couch and enjoy the comfort of the experience.

When dealing with a long and stressful day, indica is the best option to just let the pain and worry of the world fall away. Indica is often the best option for getting a good night’s sleep.

Sativa, however, offers more of mind-high and mood-boosting effects. It is easy to remember sativa as “festiva” as it will give you the boost to get out and dance or socialize. Sativa is the better option to get the boost for the day’s exercise or even to provide the push to interact with others and enjoy their company.

There are also a variety of hybrids available for users to choose from to allow a more personalized experience. Hybrids take from both sativa and indica in the creation but often have a little more of one over the other.

For example, a hybrid that leans a little more towards indica may be a good option for a casual meet-up with friends. It can offer the needed calming effect for those who do not enjoy the social scene but offer the boost to get out and enjoy one’s self.


The first hemp-derived product to be discussed is, of course, Delta-8 THC. It is considered one of the exotic cannabinoids as it is derived from the hemp plant. Like many of these cannabinoids, they only occur in small quantities in hemp plants. For this reason, most cannabinoids, like Delta-8, are semi-synthetic.

Delta-8 products offer psychoactive effects similar to the THC found in marijuana but also offer unique qualities. This product offers users a mild experience that is often more calming and euphoric. The exact experience, however, will depend on whether one chooses sativa, indica, or a hybrid.


THCa is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. As the hemp plant matures, the CBGA begins to break down and produce THCa, a different substance than THC. It is a wholly different product and does not produce an intoxicating effect as it is found in the plant.

Consuming THCa on its own will not give users any type of high but may provide many of the benefits potentially available to users, as it still attaches to the body’s cannabinoid receptors. However, when this substance is exposed to heat or is vaporized, it causes the product to decarboxylate, thus converting it to THC.


Another semi-synthesized cannabinoid is HHC. This product is synthesized from the CBD of the hemp plant. It is then hydrogenated to create HHC. The chemical structure is very similar to THC due to the addition of hydrogen atoms.

HHC does offer psychoactive effects similar to THC, however, many people consider it to be more of a THC lite, as the effects are more muted. This option may be perfect for those who want a more lowkey type of effect.

Choosing a Flavor

The final step in choosing the right product is to determine the use and choose a flavor that best suits one’s preference. At turn, customers can be sure that the company makes safety and quality their highest priorities to ensure the best experience possible.

Shopping with turn is easy for anyone. Each product provides easy-to-read packaging to ensure the right experience is purchased the first time. For example, the watermelon sugar high shows that it is an i-hybrid and offers a down effect with the THCa. This product could be a great option for relaxing with a friend and watching a good movie. If looking for something a little more uplifting, the lemonade stand may be a better option. This sativa provides a more up effect provided by delta-8.

Customers can purchase with confidence knowing that turn works closely with state-licensed, independent labs to ensure each product is free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.  All hemp oil is single-sourced and always non-GMO and vegan.

Everyone has their own lifestyle and preferences for experiencing their ups and downs. The right product should accentuate those moments. At turn, it is easy to find the best options or explore new products.

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