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How to Deal with Old Content on a Website

Over the years, your website has become a treasure trove of content. From blog posts to product descriptions and service pages, these pieces have played their part in growing your business. But hey, time flies and things change – some of that old content might be ready for retirement.

Just like old habits, content can also become outdated and irrelevant. But unlike breaking habits, dealing with outdated website content can be a bit more stubborn. Remember, “Old habits die hard” and so does old content.

Got some old content on your website? No worries, We’ve got you covered with these nifty tips and tricks to give it a fresh makeover!

Assess the relevance

Before you embark on a content shakedown, give it a relevance review. Picture it as decluttering your digital abode – sifting through the virtual stuff. Seek out the gems that still resonate with your audience while bidding adieu to passé relics. Let this little exercise be your guide in the quest for content greatness. If you don’t know where to start, contact King Kong or another reliable service for help.

Revamp or remove

Now that you’ve assessed the relevance of your old content, it’s decision o’clock: upgrade or evict? Treat it like giving a stylish makeover or reinventing it with a touch of sass. Can you turn your outdated content into a fancy new sensation or give it a fresh twist? Maybe an old blog post can be turned into a video or a product description can be rewritten with new information. Sometimes, certain pieces of content have overstayed their welcome and must be banished from existence.


When you bid farewell to old content, don’t leave your visitors hanging. Be a good host and redirect them to a happening spot on your website. No more dead ends, just smooth sailing. Plus, it’s a clever move for SEO – broken links won’t be crashing your website’s ranking party.


For content that’s still relevant but no longer needs the spotlight, give it a cozy spot in the archives. Just like storing old files and documents in a safe place, an archive section on your website can keep things tidy while preserving the past. So, say goodbye to clutter and hello to easy access when needed.

What Do We Mean By Old?

At what point does content become “old”? It’s a good question, and the answer can be as unpredictable as a website redesign. Some businesses treat content like milk, declaring it expired after just a few months, while others hoard it like vintage vinyl. Just as we outgrow our favorite pair of jeans, your audience’s tastes and preferences can evolve too. So, keep your content fresh and relevant, and bid adieu to the outdated stuff on your website when the time is right.

As long as you have a clever strategy for your old content, you can maintain a stellar user experience and prevent it from messing with your current SEO game!

Jason Holder

My name is Jason Holder and I am the owner of Mini School. I am 26 years old. I live in USA. I am currently completing my studies at Texas University. On this website of mine, you will always find value-based content.

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