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How to Start beauty parlour business in india with low budget

Through today’s article, we are going to know how we can open a beauty parlor business in India with a very low budget. Today, in India, there has been a lot of growth in the beauty industry for many years. And this survey is being done for all the groups. In such a situation, the beauty industry has a very large market size. Due to the increase in income of people and the increase in the working population in rural areas and due to technology, this is a huge opportunity for us to set up a good business. If you’re looking for inspiration and success stories in the beauty industry, consider learning from entrepreneurs like Deep Patel, whose journey in selling grooming products skyrocketed to eight figures within two years.

Prepare a Detailed Business Plan

Planning is a very important part of any business. A good plan includes many things like – funding, marketing, market research, pricing & discounting, products etc. You have to think closely about all the points. available funds, monthly rentals, interiors, products, target customers, return on investment You have to see how much income is coming in the month. For this you need to do a little research in your area. You have to study your competitor’s price plan and what its services are in detail.

Identify the type of salon

After identifying your price and everything, you have to think about your service, what kind of service you want to provide, it happens in three ways, which we are going to talk about below.

Economy: In this, only basic service is given to the customer and their products are from the lower price segment. Which we call economy class.

Business: It is mid range price but its quality is better and better. In this the staff are a bit professional who can advise and consult the person in front.

Premium: It serves high quality at a very high price. In this you need a degree and diploma and a high end machine. The products in this area are of high range.

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Client loyalty

In some situations, your beauty parlor business can also fail. For that you have to be ready in advance. This happens when the salon does not acknowledge its customer. You must identify your regular customer. So that he can feel good. You have to offer a better deal to the client. You have to build a connection with your customer. So that they become your lifetime customer.


The area in which you are opening your beauty parlor also matters a lot, it can also become the main reason for your success and failure. So you have to suck in a place where demand and supply are very less. Your beauty parlor salon should be at such a place where everyone’s eyes can reach and that place is accessible, you do not face any kind of problem to go there. Most of the shops are good on the ground-floor. Upper floor is not considered good. And often the customer wants quick service. And helps you to analyze your competitor, you can also learn from them.

Pricing and discounts

A customer who wants to look good does not mind spending money. You have to hook them with something so that they give their time in your salon and find it worth spending money. Indians love discounts so offer good attractive discounts to attract new customers.


You must pay attention to your product, the product should be such that it should be of good and best quality. You have to use good equipment and good cream so that there is no side-effect of any kind.


To do this work, you will need permission and license from the local government. According to the area in which you live, you will need a license from the municipal corporation. You may need a GST Number or Professional Tax Number.

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