How to Survive Your First Desert Safari in Dubai and Enjoy All Activities

Desert safaris are a must-do experience in this bustling city, and they offer a chance to explore the stunning sand dunes and rich culture of the Arabian Desert. 

But before you set off on your desert escapade, it’s essential to be prepared and know what to expect. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the basics of surviving your first desert safari and making the most of all the exciting activities that await you. 

What Should You Put On in the Desert?

When you’re getting ready for your Dubai desert adventure, your choice of clothes can really affect how comfortable you are. The desert weather can be extreme, with very hot days and cooler nights. 

To stay comfy, wear loose and light-colored clothes that cover your arms and legs to protect them from the sun. Closed shoes are a must to keep the fine desert sand out. Wearing the right clothes ensures you can have a great time in the desert without feeling uncomfortable.

Picking the Right Desert Trip

Dubai offers different desert adventure options for various budgets and interests. Some trips focus on exciting activities like riding quad bikes and sliding down sand dunes, while others highlight traditional experiences such as riding camels and enjoying Bedouin-style dinners. 

To have a great time in the desert, look into the different trips and read what others say about them to find one that suits your preferences and fits your budget. Whether you want thrills or a more relaxed cultural experience, Dubai has a trip for everyone in the desert.

Staying Hydrated in the Heat

The desert can get incredibly hot, and staying hydrated is crucial for your well-being. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle that you can fill up again, and drink water regularly while you’re in the desert. 

If you don’t drink enough water, you might start feeling tired, dizzy, and uncomfortable, which could spoil your trip. Staying hydrated is very important, especially if you plan to do things that make you sweat. Keeping properly hydrated ensures you have the energy and strength to enjoy all the desert has to offer.

Staying Safe on Sand Dunes

One of the most exciting parts of a desert adventure is riding over sand dunes, but safety should always come first. Listen carefully to your experienced driver’s instructions and fasten your seatbelt securely. Always keep your hands and head inside the vehicle because riding over the sand dunes can be a bumpy and exciting adventure. 

Enjoying the Thrill of Dune Riding

Dune riding is a highlight of many desert adventures, offering an adrenaline rush as your 4×4 vehicle goes up and down the steep sand dunes. If you easily get motion sickness, it’s smart to tell your driver before the ride begins. 

The ride can be quite bumpy and exciting, so be ready for a rollercoaster-like experience. Hold on tight to the vehicle’s handles and savor the thrill of cruising over the dunes. It’s a unique adventure that adds excitement to your desert trip.

Camel Riding Experience

Camel riding is a classic desert experience, giving you a taste of the region’s rich history. Before you climb onto a camel, pay close attention to what your guide tells you about getting on and off safely. 

Once you’re on top of your camel, hold on to the saddle’s handles and enjoy the gentle rocking motion as your camel carries you across the sandy landscape. It’s a relaxed and memorable way to soak in the desert scenery while appreciating the historical significance of these majestic animals in Arabian culture.

Enjoying a Mesmerizing Desert Sunset

Watching the sunset in the desert is a magical moment that you shouldn’t miss during your adventure. Find a good spot, whether it’s on top of a dune or at a designated viewing area, and get ready to be amazed by the stunning colors as the sun goes below the horizon. 

The warm shades of orange, pink, and gold paint the desert landscape, creating a beautiful backdrop for your pictures. Make sure to bring your camera or smartphone to capture this unforgettable natural show, which is a highlight of any desert adventure.

Savoring Traditional Arabian Food

A desert adventure often includes a delicious meal featuring traditional Arabian dishes. This culinary experience introduces you to the flavors of the region, with foods like shawarma, kebabs, falafel, and Arabic desserts. 

Take your time to enjoy the tasty flavors and smells while dining in the desert under the starry sky. It’s a delightful part of the desert adventure, allowing you to relish authentic Arabian foods and create lasting culinary memories.

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Taking Pictures to Remember the Desert

The desert has lots of chances for snapping lovely pictures. Whether you’re just starting with a camera or really good, take your time when you’re out exploring the desert. Take your time to frame perfect shots of the tall sand dunes, camel rides, and the stunning desert sunset. 

With the right angles and lighting, you can create memorable pictures that capture the beauty and essence of your desert adventure. Don’t forget to bring extra memory cards or storage space for your camera or smartphone, as you’ll likely want to capture many moments during this incredible journey.

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