Learn The Attitude Of Gratitude || Why is an Attitude of Gratitude IMPORTANT?

Learn The Attitude Of Gratitude from a short story. In India, in a place called Bihar,  a small little place called Patna, there’s a guy who studied in a high school there and came out of Patna to become a big business giant. And once he returned back to Patna. and when he got back to Patna. he thought, let me go see one of my school friends whom I was within school studying for about 8-9 years.

He went to see his school friend. The place where his school friend lived was, you know, small narrow lanes. so he is a businessman now, he couldn’t drive -in his car so he’s parked the car outside decided to walk into the lane.

He heard that his school friends whom he studied with for several years in school, had turned out to be a priest, in a temple. because his father was a priest. They had not met for a long time. So, he went to see his friend. who was now a priest. firstly, the friend didn’t even recognize the guy. ..

and then they kind of caught up and started talking and they started sharing their hearts and catching up for whatever long time had been going on. and then this priest looking at his friend who had come after a long time, not even knowing what he’s doing. Not even knowing where he lives, not even knowing that he is a businessman said to him,

Hey look, you are now living in a big city.

If just in case you want to do something and start something and you need some financial help.

I’ve Saved up these twenty-five thousand rupees from a long time. I’d like to give it all away to go you to start a business. And this businessman whose friend, God his heart was touched.

that this man… all he has is twenty-five thousand rupees. And these twenty-five thousand rupees, he’s willing to give it all away to me. It made such an impact on the heart of this businessman.

That on CNBC. this businessman was being interviewed by one of his friends. whom I just met this evening, right here, was interviewing this businessman, and after asking the sutras for his success,

asked this businessman. “would you like to share this story?”

and this businessman shared the story with a grateful heart remembering. His memory hadn’t gone weak. He’d remembered that this guy had offered me these twenty-five thousand rupees to start something a venture. and that’s all he had… who with deep gratitude remembered this man in his memory that he was willing to give. Why is an Attitude of Gratitude IMPORTANT?

“Gratitude is about memory Remembering what people have done for us

Remembering what people do for us”

How are they come forth to help us and so many have done that for us?

Be grateful



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