Overview On 918Kiss Test ID – Guide 2023

When it comes to online casinos, 918Kiss ios is known for a variety of features. Whether it’s top-notch security or the different variety of games the casino has for its players, 918Kiss has always served its players with the best in every aspect. 

While there are countless features that the online casino has to offer to its players, the one exclusive thing 918Kiss offers to its players is the 918kiss test ID. The concept of test IDs is relatively new and not every online casino currently offers test IDs to its players.

What’s a test ID? Well, test IDs are essential casino-provided IDs for players who want to play casino games for free. The purpose of these IDs is to allow the players to test the games for themselves and determine which games are the ones players love the most.

The only problem most of the players face at 918Kiss is downloading the official application of the online casino and getting themselves logged into the test ID. If that’s you and you are having trouble finding your way through 918Kiss, then don’t worry because we have you covered. 

Here we will be covering how you can download the official application of 918Kiss on iOS and Android, and we will also discuss how you can get access to the casino’s test IDs. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

How To Download 918Kiss On An iOS Device?

Downloading 918Kiss on an iOS device is extremely simple. However, players can’t download the official application from the app store and have to download it from the browser. All you have to do is navigate to the Safari browser and visit the official page of 918Kiss. 

Ensure that it’s the official website of 918Kiss and you don’t end up with an insecure web link. On the website, you will find various options to download 918Kiss, choose iOS. You will also find the options between iPhone 5s or newer devices and another for iPhone 5 and older devices, ensuring you choose the option most suitable for you.

Once you have clicked on the suitable option, your download should start immediately. After the download is completed, you will find the file under the download folder. Next, you need to navigate to the installation file and open it, this will trigger the installation process. 

Once the application is installed, the next thing you need to do is trust the application developer in your settings. To trust the application developers, you need to navigate to Settings and go to General then go to VPN & Device Management and choose the 918Kiss developer. 

You will further be prompted to trust the developer and once you are all done, you can use your application of 918Kiss on your iOS device.

How To Download 918Kiss On An Android Device

If you are an Android user, chances are that you are already familiar with the concept of APK files. Just like on iOS, on an Android device, the application of 918Kiss isn’t available on the Google Play Store. So if you want to have the casino’s application on your phone, you would need to install it through your browser. 

To start, navigate to your browser and visit the official website of 918Kiss. Once you are on the official website, the next thing you need to do is select Android and your download should start immediately. After the download is complete, you will find the file in your file manager. 

In the file manager, navigate to the file of 918Kiss and tap on it. From there, the installation process will start, if you are downloading an APK file for the first time, you would have to trust unknown sources from Settings. After you have completed everything, the installation will be complete and you can now play games at 918Kiss from your Android device.

How & Why To Use The Test ID Of 918Kiss?

Once you have downloaded the official application of 918Kiss on your device, the next thing you want to do is log in to your account at the online casino. Now before you start playing with real money, it’s recommended to use the test ID as this way you will understand the games in a much better way and you will get the gist of the games available at 918Kiss. 

With the test ID, players can test both new and old games without any limitations. Every game at 918Kiss can be played through the test ID for free but you won’t get anything for winning through the ID. This way you can also practice your favorite games and develop a strategy for playing before investing real money in games. 

So how does one play with the test IDs of 918Kiss? Well, the process of accessing a test ID is relatively simple, all you need to do is enter the credentials for the test ID and you are all set to it. The credentials of the test ID can be found on the official website of 918Kiss if they are changed for any reason in the future. 

However, the website currently offers over 9000 test IDs and the username of these IDs vary from test1000 to test10000. So players can choose any number from 1000 to 10000 and can play with the test ID. This way players don’t have to wait in long queues and everything is provided to the players instantly. 

Moreover, if a player tries to log in to an ID that has already been used then the software of 918Kiss will prompt the user to choose a different ID to play. After a different ID is entered, players can enjoy all the games at the online casino

At 918Kiss, each test ID is refreshed daily with coins and each ID gets 2000 coins each day. And the best part about this is that if you play, practice and eventually run out of coins then you don’t have to worry as you can change your ID and start playing with another one without any inconvenience.


918Kiss is one of the prime casinos loaded with features. However, if you are someone who’s starting with online gambling then 918Kiss is the optimal option for you. You can start by practicing and understanding the games with the test IDs and eventually go big in the long run!

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