Shri Krishna’s TOP 3 Life Lessons from Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharat

When Draupadi was in danger, because the Pandavas lost in dice, and Yudhisthira has put Draupadi at stake after losing everything.  So now Duryodhan he asked Dushasan to call Draupadi. and Draupadi was pulled there into the assembly.

However, at that time she was being pulled but she was fearless. My five husbands are here. What can he do to Me? Now, Dushasana said all right, careful now, Draupadi looked at Bheemsen Gadadharibheem is going to come, and break his head. But Bheemsen lowered his own head. Draupadi looked at Arjun, Gadhivdhari Arjun will come and smash his teeth. Arjun also lowered his head.

One by one, they all lowered their heads. because they had lost in dice. Draupadi’s faith got removed from them, “They are no good.” She started looking at the Dharmacharyas there. There was Bhishma, Vidur, Kripacharya, Dronaharya. They will help me. There also she became disappointed.

She said, no good and she took her own support, “I can do something.” she is considered one of the panch Kansas. one of the five maidens. although she had five husbands, and yet she is considered a maiden. Internally she was a maiden. so she had tremendous power. she caught the cheer(cloth) in her mouth. But to a little extent, she started remembering Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna at that time was in Dwarika. He was having his meal with Rukmini, sitting face to face. He had one morsel in his mouth, the other morsel in his hand. When Draupadi started remembering Now, Shri Krishna froze in that position. The morsel in the mouth did not go in. The morsel in the hand did not go to the mouth and he is looking in front.

Rukmini said, “maharaj What kind of leela is this?”  Krishna said, “What do you mean”?you are Leela Dhari, but what Leela is? is there some stone in the food?” “no, no, Rukmini, this is a serious matter.  there is a terrible calamity that has fallen on Draupadi.” “So Maharaj, Please go and save her.”

“How? My rule is “- “you have to surrender to me alone. Right now, she is surrendered to herself.”

“I will do something.” What could Draupadi do? Dushasan had the strength of elephants. and if Draupadi had matching strength, the cloth did not have that much of strength. It would have torn.

so when Dushasan pulled and the cheer(clothe)jerked, Draupadi realized, “I have no support except for the Lord.” so the dev bal ashraya, pad bal ashraya, swajanbal ashraya, swabal ashraya, dhanbal ashraya all disappeared.  and she lifted her hands, “Govinda Dwarika Vasin” Now the ambaravtar took place.

Now the cloth is increasing and increasing and increasing. Dushasan is wondering, he is pulling and pulling. sweating. He is wondering that what is going on? But he was not able to humiliate Draupadi. He fell there, tired and unconscious.  so that was the ananya bhakti of Draupadi. later on, Draupadi accosted Shri Krishna, privately, and she said, “Shri Krishna, You knew I was in trouble. why did you take so long?” Shri Krishna said, “Draupadi, You called and I responded.

Where is this taking so long?” Maharaj, even after my calling you delayed one moment, which was like an age to me. Because the situation was so precarious. if you had delayed one more moment,

it would be too late.

Why did you delay?” Shri Krishna said, ” Draupadi, The mistake is yours. You know I am God.”

Draupadi said “Yes Maharaj.” “You know I am everywhere in this world “of course, you are.”

you know I am sitting in your heart.” Of Course, Maharaj.”

“You called wrongly. you said, “Govinda Dwarika Vasin, O Shri Krishna In Dwarika, I am in trouble out here.’ I was sitting inside your heart, and you said Govind Dwarika Vasin, So then I went running all the way to Dwarika and come back running from there.” that created the moments’ delay.

God says- (Bhagavad Gita Verse) as you surrender, I will reciprocate accordingly if your faith is complete that God is inside, He will not take even a moment to jump out and do the Yogakshem. but if if you think he is in Dwarika, then he had to come all the way from Dwarika. This is why God says that look If you want my complete and absolute grace,


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then you will have to surrender completely and absolutely to me. So this one condition is very important. This mind is difficult to control. you say take the mind to God, but my mind goes to everything else. What should I do? It sees it’s more difficult to control than the wind.”

This is Arjun Speaking. He is the famous Gandivdhari Arjun, the wielder of the Gandiva bow.

Arjun’s mind was actually so controlled and focused that in the ashram of Dronacharya Guruji once took a test. He lined up a hundred Kauravas, and the five Pandavas and he said . “there on the tree is a bird. ” Take aim on its eye.” They all lifted their arrows, placed them on the bows, and took aim. Guruji asked, “Duryodhan, what are you seeing?”
“Guruji, I am seeing the bird I’m the tree and I’m also seeing Bhimsen.”

“Bhimsen, what are you seeing?” Guruji, I’m seeing the tree, and fruits also

“Yudhisthir, what are you seeing” “Guruji, the bird, and its eye. Arjun, what are you seeing?” Arjun says eye, eye, eye.

That was his razor-sharp focus. That Arjun is feeling nervous in the Bhagavad Gita,  and he is saying, “Shri Krishna, the mind seems more difficult to control than the wind.” so, at least we can understand that, the mind is not just a matchbox. you will burn it and throw it away. it will require effort. it will not happen automatically. in response to Arjun’s question Shri Krishna Answers,

“Arjun, what are you saying is undoubtedly correct.” He did not dismiss Arjun. aye Arjun, Kya bak bak karta hai. He says, asamsayam- you are right. The mind is durnigraham. Mind is difficult to control but not impossible. it is difficult, but then so many things are difficult in this world. you people studied all the way to graduation. post-graduation. was it easy? you worked hard, you endeavored. you raised your family. is that easy? Raising Children, my god! when I see you all struggling with your children

I say, “Wow, I’m happy to be free of all this.” take them to Kumon class and now take them to chess class, and now take them to basketball. what a struggle to raise children and you all do it. you have done so many difficult things in the world. the amount of effort and endeavor you put in,

In the material side for material gain, if you could put that much in the spiritual side, we would forever be free. of this cycle of life and death. it is difficult, so what? I will still endeavor. and how to endeavor? Shri Krishna says, “Arjun, with practice and with detachment you will gain success. When Karna, in the Mahabharata his chariot wheel got stuck in the ground, Lord Krishna Told Arjun, “look here’s you chance. Right now his back is towards you. when his chest is towards you, you will not be able to shoot him so hit him in the back.” Karna heard Lord Krishna.

He had been born through the ear. so his ears were very powerful. His name is Karna he said, “Shri Krishna, you are God. you have manifested the laws of Dharma. in the Vedas. And you are teaching Arjun Adharma? What kind of God are you?” Karna said, “O Shri Krishna . What is the Dharma of Kshatriyas, think?”

In the Vedas, even for fighting a war, there are codes of conduct. Do not shoot anybody after sunset. in the dark. do not hit under the belt or in the back Don’t live your hand on ladies.  This is just warfare. So Karna is reminding Shri Krishna about the rules of Dharma. Lord Krisha Replied, “Karna, you love Dharma.   where was your Dharma, when the right of Pandavas was being denied to them? what happened to your dharma, when Draupadi was being humiliated?

if you loved dharma, why are you fighting on behalf of the adharmic Kauravas? Lord Krishna Said, “O Karna, What dharma did you follow in the past?” what I’m trying to show is that we may do wrong, but we want others to do right to us.


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