Using Eyewitness Testimony to Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim in Wisconsin

Being involved in an accident can be the most unexpected and startling experience in your life. It can quickly change your life and daily routine. Depending on how serious the crash and your injuries are, you may need ongoing medical care, have to take some time off of work, and not be able to enjoy your favorite activities. Because of this, you want to be compensated for the losses you sustained because of your injuries. To increase your chances of securing the maximum compensation you deserve, you need a Wisconsin auto accident lawyer to help you collect evidence, including testimonies from eyewitnesses. 

Having witness statements regarding the events before, during, and after a car accident can be vital to your car accident claim. But getting those statements from eyewitnesses can be challenging. Thankfully, a skilled lawyer knows how to obtain these statements. 

Possible Car Accident Eyewitnesses

Generally, anybody who has seen a car accident may be a possible eyewitness in personal injury cases. But choosing the right witnesses can help strengthen your legal claim or provide the insurer with ammunition to attack your credibility and your eyewitnesses’ credibility. 

Often, credible eyewitnesses to car accidents are third parties such as people in nearby properties, people inside nearby commercial establishments, other motorists, passengers in other cars, and bystanders. Those who witnessed what happened before and during the accident may offer vital testimonies because they may have seen the other driver being distracted because of texting or talking on their phone. 

Can Your Passengers Give Vital Testimonies?

Although testimony from any person who saw the collision or those involved in it can help your claim, testimony from people who occupied your car may be biased. The insurer will emphasize such bias as they argue against your claim. The company may assert that these passengers are exaggerating the other driver’s actions to strengthen your claim because of the possible benefits they can gain from your case. 

Thankfully, your lawyer is prepared for such an argument. So, ensure you speak with them when you deal with an insurance representative. 

Obtaining Eyewitness Testimony

To obtain testimony from those who witnessed your accident, it’s a good idea to talk to them at the crash scene. If you are physically able to, speak to other motorists who saw the collision and get their contact information. Also, ask them if they are willing to give statements about what they saw. If this is not possible, given the seriousness of your injury, your lawyer can collect eyewitness information for you from police reports. Also, they can go to the crash scene to talk to some witnesses.

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