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What are Saffron City Development Updates for 2023

Located on more than 10,000 Kanals of land, Saffron City Rawalpindi is one of the city’s many unfinished residential developments. It might significantly alter the Twin Cities’ property market. In this blog, we’ll see the current status of Saffron City’s construction proves that its planners are serious about making the community a desirable place to live. This would be one of the most cutting-edge home developments in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Developers & Owners

Saadullah Khan and Brothers are the property developers in charge of this endeavor. The M1 Motorway, Sabakzai Dam, and PAF Shahbaz Airbase are three of the most significant infrastructure projects associated with this development. Malik Tariq Awan, one of the developers on the team, will also serve as the chief executive officer (CEO) of this residential development. However, Haroon Arshad Awan’s role in this initiative is that of Director of Sales and Marketing. The owners of Saffron City Rawalpindi are bound and determined to provide Rawalpindi’s property buyers something fresh. They’re also using novel approaches to elevate Saffron City Development to the status of a high-end venture.

Where we are we on Map

The convenience and attractiveness of a community are largely dependent on its setting. This new map pinpoints the development’s position on GT road in Rawat. In a technical sense, this is a gateway to the twin cities from elsewhere. Important commercial developments, such as Aquatic Mall, are also in close proximity to the site. In addition to living there, inhabitants would be able to take part in a wide variety of business pursuits. This new community will be located next to other well-known developments including DHA 3 and Bahria Town 4. The development status of Saffron City suggests that the area where the homes will be built is both convenient and attractive.

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Current Development in Saffron City

According to the current Saffron City Development Status, the building of these homes may begin sooner rather than later. The builders are ensuring that all of the houses meet or exceed industry benchmarks. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has not yet given Saffron City Rawalpindi its No Objection Certificate. The entrance roads to this new community have been completed by the designers. There would also be a number of shopping centers and major corporations’ headquarters located within this residential development. Since the full housing project has yet to be built, the prices of the plots are extremely low. This means that long-term investors can expect a profit by putting their money here.


Saffron City Rawalpindi presents a promising possibility for the city’s real estate market. The return on investment for this residential development is higher than average, and buyers will enjoy several conveniences and comforts. The Saffron City Development Status demonstrates that the entire community will have access to high-quality amenities that could raise the level of living for its citizens. The builders of these homes hope to attract new buyers by offering them a different way of life. If you’re looking to make a purchase, now is the time to do it because prices for plots are at their lowest. Visit Estate Land Marketing’s website for updates on the progress of this development. Our real estate consulting service is staffed by seasoned sales representatives who can advise clients on the greatest home projects for their money.

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