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What Is Backlink? || Are Backlinks Still Important For SEO In 2022

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most important and probably the most controversial topic of SEO and that is backlinks.

So what these backlinks are, what are their benefits and how it relates to your SEO campaign.

What Is Backlink?

Let’s first try to understand what these backlinks are. So in simple terms, we can define backlinks as links that are pointing from one website to another. So if you have a website A and where they mentioned a link about website B.

So for website A, we will say that it’s an outbound or external or outgoing link. So for website B, it will be inbound or incoming backlink. So the basic idea of backlink is that how a website is getting links or mentions in form of links from all over the web.

What Are The Benefits Of Building Backlink?

So the number 1 reason is that the more people mention about your website in form of a link, then there are more chances that people will come on your site from that referring website. So you will get a good amount of referring traffic.

Reason number 2 is that it helps search engine to know which web link or which web page needs to be ranked higher in the search engine results. For example, the Google page rank algorithm is based on the backlinks itself.

So it’s not a new thing. Google is ranking websites based on the backlinks itself and not just Google backlinks are the base of ranking algorithm for almost every search engine.

So does it mean that a website with more backlinks will always get ranked higher? Or does it mean that if we just keep on building backlinks, it will help our website get ranked higher in search engine results?

The Answer Is YES or NO!

YES, because there is no limit on how many backlinks you can create. You can create a number of backlinks for your website. There is no limit for sure and NO, because it’s not just how many backlinks you build for your website. It’s based on how relevant is that backlink.

So let’s try to understand that with an example. So let’s say you have three Led TVs and you want to select which one to buy. So the best way to decide is to get a voting system. Let’s say for brand A, you get 100 V

How Backlinks Help In SEO

and for brand B, you get around 90 V and for brand C, you get around 50 V. So at the first glance, it’s very clear that 100 Watts are the highest number. So definitely one should go and buy the brand A. Now let’s take the second aspect of this voting.

Now if you are going to buy this brand A, you came to know that all the 100 votes are given by XYZ random people on the street, and the 90 votes for the brand B are only coming from the electronics engineer and the electronic mechanics. And for the brand C.
Again, 50 votes are coming from random people from the street. So now will you select brand A with the highest number of votes, or you will select brand B, which is not the highest number of votes, but all the votes are coming from the relevant source.

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So I guess your choice would be brand B. So that’s how search engine judges the ranking based on the relevancy of the backlinks, not just on the number of backlinks.

So if you are just going wild by getting these backlinks from any XYZ source, then it’s time to stop it and concentrate only on the relevant backlinks and search engines. Not just consider the relevant backlinks.

They also consider the backlinks coming from a high authority site. Now let’s talk about a practical scenario where you have an eCommerce website.

Maybe you are selling kitchen products, and for that you are getting backlinks from maybe a startup magazine or maybe Forbes or Entrepreneur magazine.

So they are definitely going to be considered as a high authoritative website because these websites like these startup magazines or entrepreneur and all they have a big brand.

So search engines know if they are mentioning a link about any website, so it’s an authoritative backlink and it should be considered.

On the other hand, if your kitchen product is getting a lot of backlinks from maybe food bloggers, then this backlink will carry good relevancy for your SEO marketing. Instead, your products are getting mentioned on any XYZ website or spam blogs online.

So by building these backlinks for your website, you should only consider two things.

First is the relevancy where this backlink is coming from, and number two is getting backlink from any authority website. So maybe from any XYZ big brand. So that is also considered as a good backlink.

But if you can concentrate only on the relevant website, that will be good enough. So how do you know how many backlinks your website have or How’s your backlink strategy going?

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So for that, there are two ways that you can find out how many backlinks your website got.

So one is by going in the search console of your website. You can just visit the search console and there on the left-hand side, you will find an option called links. And once you click on that, you will find all the external backlinks that are pointing towards your website.

And method Number two is by using any SEO tool. You can go ahead and get a free trial, and there are various free tools as well which can give you the details of backlinks. So with these tools.

You cannot just track your backlink, but you can also do a little bit of spying on your competitors as well. So this is about backlinks and their importance.

And in the next article we will talk about what should be your strategies to build the backlinks and what are the things that you should definitely avoid.

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so that’s it for this one

And I’ll see you in the next article

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