Every Aspiring Tennis Player Should Watch These 8 Tennis Movies

Tennis is a sport that combines athleticism, strategy, and mental fortitude. Aspiring tennis players always look for ways to improve their game and draw inspiration from the sport’s legends. While practice on the court is essential, there’s another avenue that can provide valuable insights and motivation—movies. 

Tennis movies can transport us into the thrilling world of the sport, showcasing the triumphs, struggles, and determination of fictional and real-life tennis players. You can enjoy these amazing sports on Hulu easily, and even if you are living in a restricted region like Australia, don’t worry about how to access Hulu in Indonesia, because it’s just a matter of a VPN subscription and a US server! You will find all these movies on Hulu!

In this guest post, we’ll explore 8 must-watch tennis movies that every aspiring tennis player should add to their watchlist.

1. “Borg vs. McEnroe” (2017)

Hailed as one of the greatest tennis rivalries in history, the clash between Björn Borg and John McEnroe comes to life in this gripping film. Set against the 1980 Wimbledon Championships backdrop, “Borg vs. McEnroe” explores the two tennis legends’ contrasting personalities and playing styles. With stellar performances from Sverrir Gudnason and Shia LaBeouf as Borg and McEnroe, respectively, this movie offers a thrilling portrayal of their intense rivalry and the indomitable spirit of competition.

2. “Battle of the Sexes” (2017)

“Battle of the Sexes,” tells the captivating story of the iconic exhibition match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in 1973. Emma Stone delivers a powerhouse performance as King, while Steve Carell brings Riggs’ larger-than-life personality to the screen. This film showcases the on-court battle and explores the social and cultural implications of gender equality in sports. It serves as a reminder of one match’s impact on challenging societal norms and pushing for change.

3. “Wimbledon” (2004)

For those who enjoy a blend of sports and romance, “Wimbledon” is a perfect choice. This charming film follows the journey of Peter Colt, a fading tennis player played by Paul Bettany, who finds new inspiration when he falls in love with a rising star, Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst). Peter faces personal and professional challenges as he rediscovers his passion for the game. “Wimbledon” is a delightful mix of tennis action, comedic moments, and a heartfelt love story.

4. “Love Means Zero” (2017)

Delve into the complex and controversial world of tennis coaching with “Love Means Zero,” a documentary that focuses on the career of legendary coach Nick Bollettieri. Directed by Jason Kohn, this film offers a candid and sometimes unsettling look into Bollettieri’s coaching methods and the impact he had on the lives of his players. “Love Means Zero” provides a thought-provoking exploration of the sacrifices, successes, and controversies that can surround the pursuit of greatness in tennis.

5. “Strokes of Genius” (2018)

Relive one of the most legendary matches in tennis history—the 2008 Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. “Strokes of Genius” takes viewers on a gripping sportsurge reddit journey through this epic clash, showcasing the contrasting styles of Federer’s elegance and Nadal’s relentless determination. The documentary offers rare behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and a deep dive into the minds of these tennis superstars. “Strokes of Genius” is a testament to the power of resilience, skill, and the pursuit of greatness.

6. “The Legend of Bagger Vance” (2000)

While not strictly a tennis movie, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” deserves a place on this list for its profound lessons on the mental aspect of sports. This film, directed by Robert Redford, tells the story of a struggling golfer, Rannulph Junuh (played by Matt Damon), who receives guidance from a mysterious caddy named Bagger Vance (Will Smith). Although centered around golf, the movie’s themes of self-discovery, overcoming adversity, and finding one’s authentic swing resonate deeply with aspiring tennis players. “The Legend of Bagger Vance” serves as a reminder that the mental game and finding inner balance are crucial elements in achieving success on the court.

7. “Bollettieri: Changing the Game” (2019)

Another remarkable documentary, “Bollettieri: Changing the Game,” provides an in-depth look at the life and career of legendary tennis coach Nick Bollettieri. Directed by Colm O’Murchu, this film explores Bollettieri’s coaching philosophy, his impact on the sport, and the unique training methods that helped shape the careers of numerous tennis champions. With interviews from Bollettieri’s former students and colleagues, “Changing the Game” offers valuable insights into tennis coaching and the pursuit of excellence.

8. “The Tennis Player” (2001)

“The Tennis Player” is a compelling French film that tells the fictional story of a young tennis prodigy, Thomas, brilliantly portrayed by Alex Descas. Set against the prestigious Roland-Garros tournament backdrop, the movie delves into the pressures and sacrifices young athletes face pursuing their dreams. With its realistic portrayal of the tennis world, intense matches, and a captivating storyline, “The Tennis Player” captures the sport’s essence and the challenges aspiring players face.


Tennis movies have the power to inspire, entertain, and provide valuable lessons for aspiring tennis players. Whether it’s the intense rivalries, the pursuit of equality, the mental game, or the triumph over adversity, these films offer a wide range of experiences that can resonate with athletes and fans alike.

From biopics to fictional tales, each movie on this list provides a unique perspective on the sport and the human spirit that drives it. So, the next time you’re looking for inspiration or want to enjoy some thrilling tennis action, grab a bowl of popcorn, sit back, and immerse yourself in these fantastic tennis movies. They might spark a fire within you to step onto the court and write your tennis story.

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