Guide to Betting on Exact Score in Football

Exact score betting is a popular type of bet commonly used in football matches. This bet requires players to predict the exact score of the match, rather than just predicting which team will win, as in other bets. As a result, exact score bets have a low chance of winning but offer substantial payouts. In this article, we’ll clarify exact score betting in football and guide you on how to bet on Fun88.

What is exact score betting in football?

Exact score betting is where you predict the exact final score of a football match. If your prediction is correct, you win and get a substantial payout.

For instance, in a match between Team A and B, if you predict the match will end with a score of 2-1 in favor of Team A, and you place an exact score bet on a 2-1 result for Team A, you’ll only win the bet if the match indeed ends with that score.

Betting on the exact score usually has higher payouts than other bets due to the difficulty in accurately predicting a specific score. However, the risk is also significantly higher.

Guide to betting on exact score on Fun88

Fun88 (ฟัน888) is a leading bookmaker in the field of football betting, licensed by the Isle of Man Gaming Supervision Commission and the PAGCOR Gaming and Entertainment Bureau of the Philippines. The site provides a comprehensive range of football tournaments worldwide. Players can bet on various types of bets, including the exact score.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to bet on exact score on Fun88:

  • Step 1: Register a Fun88 account

First, visit the Fun88 website using the latest Fun88 link provided at If you don’t have an account, register for a new Fun88 account. Fun88 registration is straightforward; simply click the “Register” button and fill in the necessary details. If you already have an account, you can log in to Fun88 and start betting.

  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account

After successful Fun88 registration, deposit money to participate in betting. Fun88 offers various payment methods, such as bank transfers, e-wallets, online payments, etc. Choose a suitable method and follow the instructions on Fun88’s website to complete the deposit.

  • Step 3: Select a match to bet on

Next, choose the match you want to bet on from the list of available football matches on Fun88. Simply go to the “Sports” section in the menu, then select the match you’re interested in.

  • Step 4: Choose your bet and make a prediction

Now, select streameast ufc the match you want to bet on and opt for the exact score bet type. You will then be prompted to predict the match’s score.

  • Step 5: Place your bet and wait for the results

Finally, place your bet and wait for the outcome. If your prediction is accurate, you’ll receive a significant payout from Fun88.

Tips for exact score betting

While exact score betting can yield substantial rewards, it’s one of the more challenging bets. Therefore, consider the following important points to enhance your winning chances:

  • Research before betting

Researching the match and teams before betting is crucial, considering the match history, current form, recent results, suspensions, or any other information that might influence the match’s outcome.

  • Monitor the odds

Keep an eye on bookmakers’ odds to understand their evaluation shifts regarding the match. Significant changes in odds over a short period might indicate the unveiling of new match-related information.

  • Don’t place too much money on exact score bets

Given the lower success rate of exact score bets compared to other bet types, you shouldn’t wager a large sum on them. Divide your total amount into smaller portions and bet sensibly to minimize risk.


Exact score betting is an enticing option in football, yet it’s challenging to get right. You should be strategic and do thorough research before placing bets to increase your chances of winning. Additionally, don’t overly rely on exact score bets; consider other betting types to maximize profits. Hopefully, this article’s advice will assist you in exact score betting on Fun88.

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