Hair Testing And Psilocybin: How Long Can Shrooms Be Detected In Your Hair?

Patients who encounter severe depression and anxiety disorders significantly benefit from the therapeutic properties of psilocybin. Magic shrooms provide a natural remedy that activates specific receptors in the brain to enhance emotional processing.

Despite its medical benefits, psilocybin has side effects that could raise concerns for safety-sensitive industries such as transportation and healthcare. If you land a job in such sectors, you must refrain from taking shrooms and doing tests to ensure they are out of your system. 

Hair testing is a standard method to detect drugs in your body, but the question is, how long do shrooms last to be detected in the hair? Let’s find out:

How Long Can Shrooms Be Detected in Your Hair

1.General Detection Window

Hair grows around 0.5 inches per month, which is quite interesting. As hair grows, psilocybin is incorporated into the strands, so it could take around ten days after ingestion for you to detect it. If you are wondering how long do shrooms last, you must understand that tests related to hair can detect substances in your system for numerous months.

When you ingest psilocybin, it metabolizes to psilocin, which is detectable in the hair. However, the detection window can vary because of the incorporation and metabolism process. It can take up to 90 days for a hair test to detect psilocybin use correlating with the length of the sample.

2.Factors Influencing How Long Do Shrooms Last

The length of your hair and growth rate can affect the detection window. Long hair up to 3 inches is likely to have components of psilocybin even after six months from the last consumption.

Let me tell you something funny. Your type and color can determine how long shrooms last. Dark and thick hair holds more psilocybin metabolites than light and fine hair. Now imagine that when asking yourself how long do shrooms last.

Did you know that individuals have different metabolism rates, which impact the concentration of magic shrooms in their system? Yes, that’s true. Other hair growth also affects how quickly psilocybin metabolites appear in their hair.

3.Hair Testing Procedure

Like any other clinical procedure, hair testing starts with sample collection. The practitioners take a small hair sample of about 120 strands cut close to the scalp for better results.

If they want to assess your drug use for over 90 days, they will take 1.5 inches of hair. Longer hair is cut into segments to analyze different time frames. These segments could be around 0.5 inches, representing one month of hair growth. This helps you get accurate results when seeking answers for how long do shrooms last.

After sample collection, the journey continues to lab analysis. During preparation, the hair sample is washed to eliminate external contaminants and cosmetic products that could interfere with the results. The sample undergoes a chemical process to remove metabolites and then screening to identify the presence of shrooms.


Detecting psilocybin using hair tests provides a longer detection window of up to 90 days, depending on the length of the sample hair. This is a reliable testing method because it gives an extended period compared to other methods like urine.

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