How to Identify Genuine Clear Quartz Crystals?

Clear quartz crystals are widely recognized for their beauty and therapeutic qualities. But since there are so many fakes on the market, it’s important to know how to spot real clear quartz crystals. We are here to guide you with a thorough explanation of how to tell real clear quartz crystals and clusters from imitations. 

Figuring Out Clear Quartz Crystals

Well-known for their purity and lively energy, clear quartz crystals are found in the form of crystals, stones, spirituality jewelry, décor, and more. Found in clusters among other forms and sizes, these crystals are made of silicon dioxide. They are a well-liked option because of their beauty and adaptability, but counterfeiters also eye them. 

Physical Appearance

Examining the physical look of a genuine clear quartz crystal is one of the first steps in making that identification. Usually transparent or translucent, genuine clear quartz has a glass-like sheen. Search for inherent flaws include cloudiness, inclusions, or tiny fissures. Natural formation is indicated by these defects. By comparison, artificial crystals can seem excessively flawless, with constant clarity and no interior imperfections. 

Temperature Test

The thermal characteristic of clear quartz crystal is special. It stays colder than substitutes made of glass or plastic and feels cool to the touch. To find out, hold the crystal in your hand for a few minutes. Remaining cool suggests it’s probably real. On the other hand, it might be a phoney if it heats up to your body temperature fast. 

Hardness Test

The Mohs scale of hardness places clear quartz at number seven. It is so tough to scratch with a knife and may damage glass. Try lightly scuffing a piece of glass with your crystal to see how this goes. Should it scrape, your clear quartz is probably real. Take care with this test to prevent breaking your crystal. 

Checking for Bubbles

Looking using a magnifying glass or strong light, critically examine your pure quartz cluster. Inside genuine quartz shouldn’t be bubbles. Bubbles are an obvious symptom of glass imitations. Natural growth patterns, inclusions, and fractures are all visible in natural transparent quartz clusters; air bubbles are never present. 

Weight and Density

Comparing clear quartz crystals to glass or plastic, they are somewhat heavy. Weigh your suspected fake against a real, comparable-sized clear quartz crystal. Owing to its greater density, real crystals should feel heavier. Dealing with bigger clear quartz clusters can make this test quite helpful. 

Consulting a Professional

Speak with a qualified gemologist or visit a reliable crystal store if you’re still not sure if your clear quartz cluster is genuine. Genuine transparent quartz crystals may be precisely identified by professionals using specialized equipment and expertise. 

Purchasing from Reputable Sources

Purchasing from reliable websites is one of the easiest methods to be sure you’re getting real clear quartz crystals. Genuine items are more often offered by reputable internet merchants, qualified gemologists, and well-established crystal stores. Verify reviews always and, if they are available, get authenticity certifications. 


The process of determining real clear quartz crystals combines physical testing, visual examination, and professional advice. Knowing the characteristics of clear quartz and being aware of typical imitating techniques will enable you to tell real crystals from fakes with confidence. To be sure your clear quartz clusters and crystals are legitimate, always buy from reliable suppliers. 

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