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How to Increase Telegram Subscribers (free Telegram subscribers)

One of the ways to generate income from Telegram is to create a channel in Telegram to sell products, introduce services, display advertising, etc. The most important marketing strategy in Telegram is to attract new members or subscribers and increase the number of current subscribers. Not only may new members introduce your channel to others, which will lead to the expansion of your brand, but it may also create new business opportunities for you.

In addition, the number of subscribers of a channel shows the level of its credibility and popularity, and users, when joining a new channel, check the number of its members. If there are few members, they are likely to refrain from entering.

In general, attracting subscribers helps you to have a stronger and more effective presence in Telegram and will lead to the growth and development of your content. There are different methods for attracting and increasing the number of Telegram channel subscribers, and in this article, we will discuss some of the most important ones.

Method 1: Producing attractive and appropriate content

Producing good content in Telegram is very important and can positively impact retaining and attracting members. If your content is engaging and useful, it will not only create a sense of satisfaction among current members, but it may also be that they introduce your articles to others and encourage them to join your Telegram channel.

Method 2: Advertising

Advertising in Telegram is important in attracting and increasing the number of members for a channel or group; it also increases brand awareness by others. There are different methods for advertising in Telegram, some of which are as follows:

  • Click-through advertising (CPC): In this method, you pay the number of clicks on your ads.
  • Display advertising (CPM): In this model of Telegram advertising, the cost is also calculated based on the number of times your ads are displayed to users (every thousand views).
  • Hourly Telegram advertisements: In this method, the ads will be published in different channels for 12 or 24 hours, and the tariff will be specified per hour.
  • Influencer marketing: In this method, famous and popular people active in social media, in return for an agreed amount, advertise the desired Telegram channel and encourage their followers to visit it.

Method 3: Interaction with other Telegram groups and channels

Interacting with channels or groups with content related to your field of activity is an effective strategy for attracting subscribers to Telegram. By participating in conversations or surveys that take place on other channels, you will cause more people to see your channel and join it.

Method 4: Exchange with other Telegram groups or channels

In this method, you agree with other channels (it is better to go to active channels in your field) to share each other’s advertising posts in your channel at a specific time and for a specified period. The most important advantage of attracting subscribers to Telegram through exchange is that this method is free and does not require payment because advertising is done on a two-way basis.

Method 5: Sending bulk messages to users’ chats

Another method for attracting subscribers to Telegram is sending bulk messages to customers or target audience members. This method will help you quickly access a large audience and connect with them. Since sending bulk messages manually is a time-consuming task, various tools have been designed for this purpose and can send messages automatically.

One of these tools is the v-user Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot; for more information about this product, you can refer to the link below:


There are many ways to attract and increase Telegram subscribers. In this article, we have introduced five practical and effective methods. Finally, it is important to note that you should define a strategy for yourself before doing anything because only with the right targeting can you attract people interested in your Telegram channel’s content.

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