In-House vs. Enlisting Professional Services: Which is Right for You?

The presence of services that cater specifically to businesses might quickly tip you off that this is a subjective matter. However, with that comes the question of what’s right specifically for your business and how you know whether or not you should take care of a task in-house or not. 

Looking over several different factors might help you to come to a conclusion, but even if you do opt for one direction this time, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep an open mind when it comes to the alternative on another occasion. 

Here is an overview of a few important points to keep in mind when deciding whether to outsource a task or not.

Consider Your Staff and Your Skills

The first question that you might ask yourself when it comes to any given task could pertain to the skills that your staff actually have access to. If you’ve always been hiring for specific roles, such as administration or customer service, it might not be too much of a surprise that nobody has much familiarity with video editing. 

Looking to your budget and understanding if you have the capability to hire someone specifically for this kind of role is the first point to consider, but it’s also important to ask yourself whether you actually need to. How often is this skill going to be required against the costs that come with a one-time outsourcing situation? You might have think about this on a case-by-case basis.

Consider the Feasibility of Outsourcing

Next you need to decide which is the more feasible option. If there’s an aspect of your business that relies on delivery—for example, getting your goods from point A to point B—your team simply might not have the resources or ability to do that without major disruption to your regular operations. 

Therefore, it becomes about making your outsourcing work for you as effectively as possible—this might mean looking into the most financially feasible options, especially if this is going to be an aspect of your business you need to outsource regularly. 

Pallet shipping quotes, in this case, might be what you’re looking for—allowing you to ship what you need to for a potentially more affordable rate, depending on the exact nature of your requirements.

Learn for Next Time

Going back to a task such as video marketing, for example, you might find that you or your staff don’t have the right skills to produce the kind of quality content that you’re hoping for. Naturally, then, you might enlist the help of a video production company to help you achieve your vision. Your personal involvement in laying out what you’re hoping to get out of this experience is important—both for giving the professionals you hire a framework to operate within and for allowing you to see how this vision might need to be compromised in order to achieve results.

The more time that passes throughout this initial process, the more you might come to see this as a learning curve. What you take with you now might be knowledge that you can put to use next time, allowing you to go in-house if you need to do it again.

Jason Holder

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