MMA Betting: Basic Strategies and Main Tips

Mixed martial arts are a mixture of adrenaline, drive, technique, feelings, and emotions, giving us an unforgettable spectacle. Due to its dynamics and aggression, MMA is very popular among martial arts fans and sports lovers. Those who like to bet also do not pass by mixed martial arts. After all, at the expense of betting, there is significantly increased interest in watching MMA events.

Success in betting on this sporting discipline largely depends on awareness and knowledge of the peculiarities of this sport. For an experienced player, correctly evaluating and choosing an event to bet on will be relatively easy. The bookmaker Melbet Nigeria will always help determine the event. After all, the site is available for many sporting events, with a wide variation of bets, including on MMA. Let’s dive into the exciting world of betting on mixed martial arts. And for attentive readers, has prepared a special gift at the end of the article.

Types of Bets on MMA

Due to its peculiarities and rules, betting on mixed martial arts differs from betting on soccer, basketball, or hockey. The fact that MMA is an individual sport also brings its adjustments in terms of betting.

Let’s look at the main types of betting on mixed martial arts.

Betting on Result

Most often, players prefer to bet on the winner of the fight. In this respect, betting on MMA differs significantly from other sports. There are still three options for the outcome of this bet – Win1, Draw, Win2. It is worth noting that a draw outcome of a fight is an infrequent event. Therefore, the odds of a draw are always very high.

Bets on Total Rounds (the Number of Rounds)

The player makes a bet on how many rounds the fight will last. The factor to pay attention to is the difference in the class of the opponents. If there is a clear favorite in the fight, we are most likely waiting for an early end. This means that all rounds will not be played. If the difference between the opponents is minimal – there is a high probability that the fight will last until the very end.

Bets on Knockout

It is also quite a popular bet among bettors. MMA is a more violent type of competition than other martial arts. Due to this feature, knockouts are very common here. When you bet on such an outcome, you must guess whether there will be a knockout in the fight.

MMA Betting Strategies

First, it is essential to note that no win-win strategies exist. There will always be some risk and the possibility of losing. Strategies help to develop a unified approach to analyzing events and reduce the number of ill-considered, chaotic bets. 

Let’s take a look at a few popular MMA betting strategies.

Total Under Strategy by Rounds

This strategy involves betting that the fight will not end over a certain point. The idea is to look for fights where opponents try to finish each other in the first rounds. In the UFC, fighters are rewarded heavily for spectacular fights. Usually, reward those who finish fights early.

It is essential to follow specific criteria when picking fights. A bet on total under will take place if:

  • the odds of winning are 1.7 or more;
  • the fight has a clear favorite with odds of 1.4 or less;
  • the percentage of early wins for both opponents in the last 5–7 fights is at least 60%;
  • this fight is not a title fight.

Underdog Betting Strategy

Such a bet is made on the fighter, the odds of winning which should not be less than 2. The essence of the strategy is to find fights where the opponents have approximately equal chances to win, but the odds on them are significantly different.

This strategy does not guarantee a high passability of the bet. But if you consider important factors, such as the athlete’s form and skills, you can increase your capital faster. The pros of this strategy include high odds and a simple analysis of the fights. On the downside, getting into a long losing streak is possible.

Flat Strategy

This strategy involves betting an amount that does not exceed 1-5% of your bank. The percentage does not depend on the size of your starting capital. This method allows you to limit the risks and make more bets. A flat strategy is perfect for beginners. This method allows you to gain experience and develop analytical skills and will keep you from losing the whole bank at once.

The main advantage of this method is its compatibility with other strategies. The disadvantage is slow capital growth.

MMA Betting Tips

An essential part of success in betting is not relying only on your intuition and preferences but also on analysis, statistics, and cold calculation. For you to suffer fewer defeats and stay on the plus side for as long as possible, we have prepared some tips to help you.

  • Follow the opinions of experts. Listening to what people who understand mixed martial arts must say is necessary. Take this information into account when predicting the outcome of events.
  • Use strategies. Refrain from being a haphazard and chaotic approach to betting on MMA. It will be best to stick to a specific strategy. This approach will lower risks and increase the likelihood of a stable income.
  • Remember to analyze the event. Overall, there are better options than relying on experts’ opinions. After all, they are also people and can be wrong. It is essential to evaluate both fighters and make certain conclusions. Then, you can compare this information with the opinions of experts. After that, you can make your prediction.
  • Do not make a bet on your favorite athlete. It is important to remember that personal sympathy and stable betting success are incompatible. You can continue to support your favorite fighter, but betting on events with his participation is not recommended. After all, personal preferences can significantly interfere with cold calculation. It can lead to a loss of capital.

How to Bet on MMA at

Are you a true MMA fan, or do you like to watch the top fights occasionally? Are you just starting your journey in sports betting? Or are you an experienced player? Have you read this article and want to dive into the betting world? Then go to The bookmaker has many variations of bets available on a wide variety of sporting events. Here, you will always be able to find something that matches your preferences.

Let’s take a look at the algorithm of actions that need to be done to place a bet on the Melbet Nigeria platform:

  1. First, you should register and log in to your account. If you are already a registered user, log in to your account.
  2. Next, on the site’s main page, among all the sports, you need to select Martial Arts. A list of tournaments and competitions in this sports discipline will appear in front of you.
  3. After selecting a competition, you will see a list of fights in this tournament. Select the fight you want to bet on. All known types of bets on this event will appear in front of you. Also, for convenience, you can use the site search.
  4. Choose the type of bet and the outcome you want to bet on. If you are satisfied with everything, confirm the bet. Now, you have to wait until the end of the match to find out the result of the bet.


MMA events have always been a source of drive, adrenaline, excitement, and unforgettable emotions. To enhance the effect of these attributes, help betting on sports. Besides the above, players can get a stable income with the right approach to betting. However, one should always be careful and follow specific strategies and tips to minimize the risks.

With the bookmaker, you get access to many sporting events and a comprehensive betting line. 

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