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Small Changes, Big Impact: Easy Home Decor Updates

Making over your home with a full remodel can be costly and time-consuming. However, small strategic changes can make a big visual impact without a major overhaul. Here are some simple home decor updates that add style without the cost of an expensive extension.

Install Wooden Flooring

Old carpets harbour dust and allergens and can make rooms look dated and dull. Replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with modern wooden flooring instantly gives a room a fresh, clean look. Hardwoods like oak or maple add warmth and value to your home. You could even upgrade to a luxury wooden flooring like Dinesen wood flooring – speak with a Dinesen flooring installer to learn more. 

More budget-friendly options like laminate and vinyl wood planks provide the look of real wood for less, and can be installed as a DIY project if you have the tools and skills. If this isn’t an option, hire a professional for a seamless finish. Add area rugs to warm and soften spaces while showing off your new floors.

Update with Paint

A new coat of paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform a room. Just changing the wall colour can make a space feel more modern. Bold, saturated hues give rooms an energising pop, while neutral earth tones create a soothing sanctuary. Accent walls in an eye-catching shade or a patterned stencil add interest without overpowering a room. Update your trim and ceiling for a cohesive new look. Paint is also a smart way to give outdated kitchen cupboards and furniture new lease of life.

Rearrange and Replace Furniture

Reconfiguring your furniture layout opens up the flow of a room. Pull bulky pieces away from walls to create a lighter, airier look. Face seating toward focal points like fireplaces or windows. Angle furniture to create inviting conversation areas. Maximise your layout by replacing any oversized items that cramp the room with multifunctional options like ottomans and nesting tables.  

Upgrade Window Treatments

Outdated, sagging drapes and blinds make a home look tired. Install new window treatments like linen curtains, faux wood blinds and stylish shades. Floor to ceiling curtains add height and drama. Blinds neatly frame windows, while letting in natural light. Roller shades are a sleek, modern choice. Layer different treatments like a light sheer with blackout panels to customise privacy and light filtration. Frame windows beautifully by mounting hardware inside or outside the window casing.

Display Art and Collections

Blank walls and surfaces leave a home feeling hollow and unfinished. Display personalised pieces like framed family photos, children’s artwork and treasured collections to add personality. Group various sized frames over console tables or above sofas for more visual interest. Float shelving provides creative display real estate to show off decorative items. Limit knickknacks and aim for thoughtfully curated vignettes that highlight your style.

Small decor changes require little time and money but yield impressive results. A few new finishes and furnishings make rooms feel fresh, stylish and uniquely your own.

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