Where dentists should shop when looking for restoration solutions

There are many dentists across Australia all offering a superb service to their patients. The days of someone being too frightened to visit when they had pain or issues with their teeth is long in the past thanks to the new methods and technology that have become available.

The clinics often provide a wide range of services to their patients so that they can smile with confidence pain free once again, while any pain is taken away. Leading dentists also need some assistance of their own, especially those without the provision to make their own products. That is where VTS Dental Laboratories comes to the rescue, providing a service by dentists, for other dentists.

The service is to produce dental restorations, which are made to order. The experienced team specialise in Zirconia, a highly versatile metal that is long-lasting and can be used for many restorations, which include bridge work and crowns. Other patients might decide that they want dental implants, which replace missing teeth. They have become increasingly popular and are often seen as an improvement to dentures. The leading laboratory understands the demand and use PS e.Max for the veneers, which is in increasing demand.

The service that is provided is extremely convenient as impressions can be sent physically to the lab, or alternatively the technicians can get to work from provided intraoral scans sent by email or uploaded onto the website, WeTransfer, and several other digital portals. The exceptional service that is provided matches up with a best price guarantee, which can be passed on to patients, making a clinic increasingly popular. 

Advanced technology and the highest quality materials go hand in hand at the lab, so that all restorations are successful, through guaranteed precision. The restorations provide aesthetically pleasing solutions as well as being highly functionable. Dentures are still preferred by some patients, and they can also be produced offering the same quality. Diagnostic tools and appliances can also be produced and supplied on request.

Free shipping Australia wide is a welcome feature provided by the specialists, as is a 9-day turnaround, so no patient is left waiting long. Their best price guarantee is backed up by beating any lower price found elsewhere.

Dentists can save time and money by purchasing all their dental restorations from a team of experts who embrace modern technology and only make products of the highest quality for the best price.

Jason Holder

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