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Wooden Bedroom Sets Can Be Traditional or Modern

When you think about “wooden furniture,” what images spring to mind? Some think about antique furniture that wouldn’t have been out of place in an 18th-century manor, while others conjure up pieces with more contemporary flair. 

Thankfully, whatever your preference, modern artisans like Woodcraft build furniture in a wide range of looks to suit every style. Let’s compare some classic and modern wooden bedroom sets to appreciate what today’s best artisans are creating. 

Classic Looks

Historically, wooden furniture builders showed off their flare and skill by creating intricate edges and other ornamental features. That’s why antique wood furniture, or pieces built today to look old, have elegant legs or feet that are moulded, tapered, or otherwise stylized.

The carved edges or cornices of such furniture have features resembling the Corinthian or Doric columns of ancient Greece. Brushed nickel handles and pulls add another level of elegance as materials are thoughtfully mixed and blended.

Such wooden furniture has a solid and stately aura that provide a classy sense of grandeur. Like all custom wood furniture, the buyer can select the size, stain, colour, and wood types themselves, ensuring their bedroom set matches the dimensions of the room and their personal aesthetic preferences.  

Modern Styles

There isn’t merely one thing called “modern” style, but it may be possible to identify a general principle. Whereas older looks were elaborate in their ornamentation, today’s wooden furniture tends to be sleeker, with cleaner lines and smoother surfaces.

For example, you can find a four-poster bed, but the posts aren’t necessarily ornate or elaborate. The posts may be square instead of curved in places. In other words, modern wood beds can be just as grand and elevated as older types but in a cleaner style.

Likewise, contemporary looks for beds, dressers, and other bedroom furniture tend to be more subdued, but also practical. You won’t find antique beds or their modern contemporaries with pull-out drawers underneath for storage. 

However, don’t assume that modern styles are necessarily plain or stark. Rustic furniture exudes a warmth and charming character that makes people feel like they’re in the country. It may look more distressed and very unpretentious. Other leading contemporary styles harken back to a more classic form of mid-century urban architecture that resembles local looks.

One of the best things about custom wood furniture is that you can choose whatever you like best. Some people who live in a sky-high condo like a rustic, country look, while those who live in far-flung regions may prefer something modern and contemporary. There are no wrong choices. The key is to know about all that’s out there and find something you like. 

Wood furniture is beloved for many reasons. It’s beautiful, practical, durable, and relatively inexpensive. However, it also comes in more varieties than people may appreciate. There’s a wooden furniture set to suit every vibe and budget, so have fun exploring what the best craftspeople are creating today before making your selection. 

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