Betting Experience in Bicycle Racing: Secrets to Success

Bicycle racing is not only a popular sport but also a high-stakes event in the world of online betting. If you want to succeed in placing bets on bicycle racing tournaments, you must have knowledge and a smart betting strategy. In this article, we will share some experiences to help you achieve good results when betting on bicycle racing.

1. Analyze Before Betting

Before placing bets on bicycle racing tournaments, you should understand the factors that influence the final outcome of the race. These factors include terrain, weather, physical condition of the riders, and racing tactics. This information will help you make accurate predictions, leading to more effective betting.

2. Understand the Betting Odds

When participating in bicycle racing betting, you need to be clear about the types of bets. Some common betting types include:

  • Handicap Betting: In handicap betting, one team is considered stronger than the other, so the weaker team is given additional points to balance the two teams. If you bet on the stronger team, they need to win by more points than the handicap for you to win the bet.
  • Points Betting: Points betting is based on the points of the teams in the race. You can bet on the points of one team or the total points of both teams. This type of bet is dramatic and relatively difficult to predict.
  • Winner Betting: This is the simplest type of bet in bicycle racing. You just need to bet on which team will win the race.

Understanding the betting odds for bicycle racing and the odds of each type, you can make informed decisions that match your betting experience.

3. Choose a Reputable Betting Venue

For effective bicycle racing betting, you should choose a reputable and trustworthy betting venue. You should research bookmakers before betting to avoid losing money and exposing your personal information. Some recommended reputable bookmakers include: M88, 188bet, W88, and Fun88.

Among them, M88bet is rated as the leading and most popular online bicycle racing betting site in Asia. The site is legally licensed by PAGCOR and offers various online betting games such as sports betting, online casinos, lotteries, slot games, etc. 

Here, players can place bets on all world bicycle racing tournaments. The matches are provided with diverse odds, competitive rates, and attractive promotions. Importantly, security and payment issues on M88 are highly regarded. M88 also has a professional customer care team, always ready to support and answer player queries 24/7. For more information about M88, you can visit

4. Develop a Betting Strategy

A smart betting strategy can increase your chances of winning in bicycle racing. You can develop your betting strategy or use proven strategies. Some popular strategies include:

  • Martingale Strategy: This involves increasing your bet after each loss. According to this strategy, you should increase your bet after each loss to recover the lost money and make a profit. However, this strategy can be risky if you don’t manage your budget.
  • Paroli Strategy: This involves increasing your bet after each win. However, you should consider this strategy carefully due to its inherent risk if you don’t manage your finances.
  • 1-3-2-6 Strategy: This involves increasing your bet according to the sequence 1-3-2-6. If you win the bet, you revert to the first step in the sequence. If you lose, you start over. This strategy can be lucrative but also risky.

5. Manage Your Betting Budget

Managing your betting budget is crucial to ensure you don’t lose money when betting on bicycle racing events. You should set a fixed budget for betting and always stick to it. Consider your bets carefully and never exceed your budget.


The above are effective bicycle racing betting experiences that you should consult before online betting. To succeed in betting, you need to analyze the influencing factors of the race, understand the types of bets, and choose a reputable betting venue. You should also develop a betting strategy and manage your budget to ensure effective and safe betting. Good luck and success in betting on bicycle racing events!

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