Embracing Wise Mentality: Key Transformative Initiatives To Adopt

People have a perception that they become wise as they grow older! While it is true for some parts; there is no guarantee that you will keep growing wiser. Why? Well, because your mental growth stops after a certain age. So, becoming wiser is more about how much you improve yourself rather than letting time improve you.  

Everyone wants to be wise to sail through the ocean of life smoothly and remarkably. Undoubtedly, you too would want to attain wisdom for living a phenomenal life. Well if so, fortunately, wisdom is a skill that anyone with the right knowledge can attain. 

The question ends up being how? You can either seek guidance from a life coach like Rico Hanjaja or adopt transformative initiatives to elevate in life. There are several initiatives available for you to implement in life to become wiser. So, without future ado let’s explore a few of those initiatives: 

Significant Initiatives To Take For Improving Mentally

  • Critical Thinking

A key factor that you can observe in every wise person is their ability to think critically. Developing critical thinking is something too much impactful in life to make reasonable decisions in life. Critical thinkers are those who are able to think without being biased while doing smart analysis and fact-checking thoughts or information. 

Judging something beforehand or making a quick conclusion is something critical thinkers avoid. Seeing things as they actually are is something you can do once you detach yourself from the beliefs you already have. Performing critical thinking is complicated so you can move toward getting guidance from skilled life coach Rico Handjaja to achieve it

  • Establishing Self Awareness

Nowadays, life moves too fast making people get lost in between the future and the past taking them away from the present. Living in the present by being aware of your surroundings, strengths, worldviews and weaknesses is beneficial to live a fulfilling life. By doing meditation or exercise you can establish self-awareness and self-reflect on your thoughts. 

  • Have Patience

Patience allows you to self-reflect on your thoughts, decisions and mistakes of the past to learn and grow wiser from them. Being hasty leads to a life full of anxiety, cluttered situations, stress and bad decision-making. So, having patience is the best choice to make by taking small steps like focusing on things at hand and prioritising goals. 

  • Think Positively

Life can be a mess or a wonderful journey depending on the way you live it! While many of you still be living life happily the thought that it could be better can drive you to the edge of breakdown. It’s not the thought of betterment that is wrong rather it’s the way you perceive it! 

Betterment leads to a phenomenal life so while thinking of life could be better think about how you can make it better. Thinking everything in a positive sense makes an exponential change in life so try to be positive.  

Find A Professional Life Coach

A life coach is a trained professional who you can depend on for carrer, relationship, personal and financial guidance. By having them by your side you can spark on to having wisdom! How?

A skilled life coach like Rico Handjaja challenges your limiting beliefs, and gives you a better perspective, by identifying obstacles and goals you want to accomplish. Overall, they guide you in multiple aspects to becoming better and wiser in multiple aspects of life.  


Transformative initiatives like fostering patience, thinking positively and establishing self-awareness are excellent upsteps to adopt in life. Every initiative will lead you one step closer to obtaining the skill of wisdom by thinking critically! Doing so will require you to either go with a life coach like Rico Handjaja or implement other practices. 

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