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5 great reasons to turn to Frank Green to help the environment

The population of the world continues to educate itself, through self-learning or from reading and listening to others. The last decade or so has seen a greater emphasis on helping future generations and the planet by looking at ways to reuse materials and employ sustainable methods in everyday life.

Looking for ways to cut down on landfill sites and instead use such materials during production that can be used again or will decay naturally continues to be the aim of many companies. Those who wish to hydrate themselves regularly while on the move, which helps with their overall wellness to both body and mind, might well have discovered Frank Green reusable water bottles and cups. Here are 5 ways that it is helping the environment by doing so.

  1. They look fantastic, which a wide range of styles being available in different sizes and colours. Great thought has been put into their design, with the bottles having a ceramic finish to add to their aesthetic appeal so that the products are of the highest quality and will last longer than other alternatives. Very few others will match the bottles for their durability or the highest standards of insulation that they provide, meaning that drinks remain ice cold or piping hot for far longer. 
  2. Not only will those who purchase the cups look good with them, but they are also doing something good to help others and the planet. The full range of Frank Green are available from the leading outlet in Melbourne and Sydney as well being able to be purchased online, offering everyone across Australia the opportunity to own one.
  3. Feeling good and doing the right thing provides a peace of mind compared to those who continue to use plastic bottles and then throw them away. They go on to pollute waterways and oceans and can often end up on beaches or by the banks of rivers. Not only does this look bad, but it can cause harm to nature and those creatures who inhabit such areas. Even plastic bottles that claim to be recyclable often aren’t recycled. 
  4. With so many options to fill the Frank Green bottles from water coolers in the office or gym, it’s also a great way to save money rather than buying a plastic bottle each time. Taking the lead might also encourage others to follow suite as well. There’s never been a better time to treat oneself or friends with an environmentally friendly bottle which they will enjoy using and pack away when they travel without any danger of it being damaged.
  5. As well as the sustainability provided by the bottles, it will encourage any owner to drink more water from it which improves their own individual health as well as that of the planet, so everyone benefits.

Choosing a Frank Green reusable water bottle and cup helps the environment and provides hot or cold drinks on the go without any waste in a durable and reliable vessel that also looks great.

Jason Holder

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