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How To control Phone addiction with full Guide

Today we are going to talk about how we can overcome our addiction through this article. In this, we have given you some tips which you can try. According to a survey, a typical phone user touches his phone 2,617 times in a day. Most people spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones on average. For this reason, the people of today’s generation have become addicted to the phone. 

They also know this thing but they are not able to get rid of it. And the thing to note is that you are reading this article from your phone only. Isn’t it strange? Now you can say that today it has become necessary. It is part of a technology. But it is also true that it is spoiling and destroying our time.

Monitor your cell phone use

Whenever a person sets up a new phone, the first thing he does is download the application on his phone.  And some of these are not even of your need and it makes you addicted. You open and use that unnecessary thing again and again.  You have to understand that what is your time being spent in the right place? If not then you have to think about whether the place you are spending your time is worth it.

Create a plan for your phone use

You have to fix the time to run your phone.  You can set an alarm on your phone for how long you have to use the phone.  When the time reaches the maximum, then that ring will notify you. You can also do this if you are going to use mobile only in the evening from 6 to 7 in the day.  You can also use this trick. Today the phone has become a very dangerous enemy for the students, but they are not able to realize this.Your

Offer yourself rewards for less time spent on your phone

This concept is called positive self-reinforcement. If you give yourself some sort of reward for not touching your phone for 4.5 hours or so, it works. You have to find excuses not to touch your phone. If you do not touch your phone for the whole day then you are about to eat your favorite food. You can also do something like this. It will be interesting that you will also enjoy.

Change your phone settings

There is a setting in your phone, in which there is also a button to turn off all the notifications coming in your phone, which you can turn off, after that if the notification of WhatsApp, Insta and Facebook does not come in your phone, then you can go away from your phone.  Will be able to stay  Because in today’s time the notification alerts everyone to touch the phone. You can also set the time in the settings of your phone for how long you can use it, after that your phone will be locked.

Don’t charge your phone near your bed

You should not charge your phone near your bed because as soon as your notification comes in your phone. Your attention goes to your phone. Due to which you get distracted.

Remove Unnecessary Applications

If you are a student, then you have to remove all the unnecessary things on your phone, whether it is an app or something else, because only apps like Facebook and Instagram are spoiling your time.

Limit your screen time

Your phone has a setting by which you can control your screen time. As much as you need to run the phone, keep that much screen time for which it reaches, then your phone will be switched off. And you can focus your attention on the other side, it can be anything, study, acquire new skills, learn painting etc.

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