How To Correctly Use a Safety Shower

In Australia, it is a common workplace issue that workers get exposed to chemicals, and this is because of the inherent safety risks that come along with handling and working alongside harmful chemicals. 

In the case of exposure to a harmful substance, a spill station can help you deal with the immediate aftermath. Safety showers allow workers to immediately flush the contaminant from their body while medical attention is organized.

When Do You Use Safety Showers ?

The following scenarios are some of when you would need to get a worker to a safety shower. 

  • Clothing fires
  • Eye injuries from chemical exposure (must be a shower/eyewash unit)
  • The skin has been exposed to hazardous chemicals 

How Do You Use It ?

All workers should be aware of how to use a safety shower and where it is.  But even for people who are unaware, the appropriate signage must be used to help people know how to use the equipment at a glance. 

1. Know Its Location

A safety shower is often within ten seconds of a possible hazard and must be well-lit and signed appropriately. This way, no one misses where it is located and can get an injured worker there quickly, and even if the worker’s eyes are affected, they should be able to see it. 

 2. Turn it On

There should be a hand lever to turn the mechanism on, and this quick-release valve means the system will stay active with both hands-free.

 3. Remove Clothing

The worker must stay under the running water and remove (or have help to remove) clothing, personal protective equipment and personal items. If clothing is not removed it can cause singing into the skin or prevent correct flushing from happening. 

4. Flush The Hazard

It’s vital to ensure the injured worker remains under the shower for a few seconds to an hour, or however long it takes for help to arrive. 

5. Medical Help

has to be called while the worker is flushing their skin, the shower isn’t enough. This means it’s ideal to have another person or supervisor on hand to call for medical help or have an emergency aid button near the shower to call for help as needed. Getting treatment quickly can be the difference between long-term injuries and a superficial problem.

Call The Experts

If you think you might need a safety shower in your workplace, you should get in contact with the safety shower supplier in Australia, who can walk you through the entire process from risk assessment to purchase and installation and maintenance. Contact them now to get started on your journey to better workplace safety.

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