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Setting Up a Home Office – A Beginner’s Guide

So, you have a fantastic business idea and with a shoestring budget, you have rightly decided to base your new venture at home. If you are thinking this is going to be a challenge, you’ll be happy to have stumbled upon this article, as we offer valuable information to help you set up an efficient home office.

Essential office equipment & furniture

Of course, you will need a solid desk, an ergonomic chair and a desktop PC, from which to manage your business. You could use a laptop, instead of a PC and you will also need to invest in a decent printer/scanner/copier, along with various implements such as paper clips, a stapler and a small filing cabinet.

Wireless Router

The last thing you want is to be tied to a single room regarding business communication; simply contact a local telecom company and ask them to configure wireless Internet via a couple of wireless routers. Wear a headset and using your smartphone, you can talk to people as you move around your home. Your computer and printer can be wirelessly connected, as can your mouse and keyboard, so you won’t have a bunch of cables to worry about.

Cloud data storage

While you might think it fine to store your business data on a hard drive in your home office, what about a hard drive crash or worse, a fire? The best way to store your data is on the cloud, which offers you many benefits, such as remote access and top-grade cyber-security; for more information on cloud networks, talk to a managed IT services provider.

Carte blanche design

As no one will ever see your home office, you do not have to decorate to please others. Create a working ambience that suits your lifestyle; after all, it is you who will be using the space. As long as you have a functional set up, you can take your time with turning the office into what you feel works for you.

Make best use of available technology

As previously mentioned, setting up a cloud network is definitely the best solution for running a business from a home office; investing in a few hardware items gives you a fully functional office; you can even hire a virtual assistant to remotely handle all incoming calls. Another effective service is a registered business address in Sydney CBD, which projects a winning image; you can also outsource secretarial and bookkeeping work to local 3rd party providers. With a fully equipped home office, you won’t need to bother your family and you can work at your own pace.  The money you will save by working from home can be used for better things, such as digital marketing and we hope that your business enjoys sustained growth.

Many Australians have quit their salaried jobs and set up a small business and there’s no reason why you can’t join them.

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