Steps To Take After Recognizing Nursing Home Abuse Against Your Loved One

In this world where we entrust our loved ones to the care of nursing homes, abuse can occur, leading to substantial harm. It is vital to carefully monitor the situation and take immediate steps when suspecting abuse. The process can seem overwhelming but understanding it can lead to justice for your loved one. Below we delve into these steps. If you’re in need of advice or don’t know where to start, keep reading!

Legal Action for Nursing Home Abuse: When to Involve an Attorney

In situations when the abuse continues or the responsible parties don’t take rectification measures, it’s time to involve an attorney. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Chicago can provide legal guidance and aid in pursuing justice. Attorneys can help collect and protect important evidence, negotiate with the defense, or represent you in a court of law. They’re trained in dealing with such situations and can be instrumental in achieving justice for your loved one.

Additionally, they can determine the rightful claim of damages, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and in extreme cases, wrongful death. It’s often necessary to involve legal help early as they can preserve evidence and expedite the legal proceedings. Ensuring the choice of attorney involves someone who specializes in nursing home abuse cases, and has a good track record, can make a significant difference in your pursuit of justice.

Understanding the Various Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

At the onset, it’s critical to grasp the various forms of elder abuse and nursing home abuse as they may manifest in several ways. The first type of abuse can be physical, which may leave visible scars or injuries on the victim. It includes actions such as hitting, restraining, or even misuse of drugs. Sexual abuse is another form. In many cases, the victims are incapacitated, thereby unable to give consent. It’s often challenging to detect, but telltale signs like changes in behavior can indicate its existence.

Psychological abuse is yet another form whereby mental cruelty is inflicted through means such as constant criticism, bullying, or threats. The fourth type of abuse is financial exploitation, which involves misuse of the elderly’s financial resources. The fifth type is neglect, a perilous yet common form of abuse where the elderly individual is not provided with the requisite care. You have to understand these forms to aid in recognizing possible abuse.

Signs Your Loved One is Suffering from Nursing Home Abuse

With an understanding of the various forms of abuse, you need to look at the signs. Physical abuse typically leaves clear signs such as wounds, bruises, and fractures among others. Pay close attention to frequent and unexplained injuries. Sexual abuse can present signs such as frequent urinary tract infections, torn undergarments, unexplained sexually transmitted diseases, or difficulty walking or sitting.

Psychological abuse manifests through behavioral changes like excessive fearfulness, depression, or withdrawal. The victim might potentially be too frightened to speak about the abuse. Financial exploitation can be detected through unexplained withdrawal of money or the disappearance of valuable belongings. Neglect often manifests as malnutrition, poor hygiene, or repetitive infections.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse: Who You Should Contact

Upon gathering evidence, another step is reporting the abuse. This should begin with the nursing home administration. They should conduct an internal investigation and potentially implement measures to prevent further abuse. Local law enforcement is another entity that should be informed of the abuse, particularly in cases involving physical or sexual abuse. Their intervention may prevent immediate harm.

The state’s Adult Protective Services (APS) or a similar body is also a potential contact, especially if the nursing home fails to rectify the issue. They are typically responsible for investigating such reports. Finally, the state’s licensing and regulating body that oversees nursing homes should be informed. They hold the authority to take punitive actions against homes found guilty of abuse or neglect.

As you can see through this article, the process of identifying, documenting, and reporting nursing home abuse can be a challenging endeavor. Given the seriousness of the situation, it is crucial to single-mindedly pursue justice while getting support, including from an experienced attorney. Follow our advice and you can trust that you’re taking the best possible care of your loved one.

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