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Tools That Freelance Writers Can Use

The freelance industry is booming with every passing day. There is hardly any digital domain that doesn’t have freelancers working in it. The companies also prefer hiring freelancers instead of offering full-time employment contracts. 

Writing is one of the fields with the most freelancers working in it. Being a freelance writer, you must already know how important it is to establish your authority to get client responses. 

Therefore, freelance writers must use some essential tools that can assist them in their journey to write compelling content.

If you want to know which tools can be used by freelance writers, then you are at the right spot. 

This blog has discussed 5 essential tools for freelance content writers. Let’s take you through them without any further delay!

Plagiarism Checker

The competition among freelance writers has become quite fierce, as many individuals have entered this spectrum. Therefore, it has become more than essential for writers to ensure the delivery of original content. Being a freelance writer, you need to understand that there is no room for plagiarized content in the web world. The existence of plagiarism in the content you submit can turn away even your most loyal clients. Hence, you must ensure the originality of content using a plagiarism checker free

A plagiarism detector will allow you to identify the traces of plagiarism in your content. This tool is designed on advanced AI technology that works on cross-checking any piece of content with the data contained in its vast database to detect if any portion of text is plagiarized. 

You can simply submit your text to a plagiarism tool and figure out the presence of any kind of plagiarism in a matter of seconds. The comprehensive results generated by the tool can help you explore the sources from where your entered text matches.

Online Proofreader

Another tool that should be by the side of a freelance writer is an online proofreader. When the clients ask you to ensure quality in the content, they aren’t just asking you to jot down exceptional information. To produce quality content, you must also keep an eye on making its grammar, spelling, and sentence structure flawless. Your content must not contain mistakes like missing commas or unnecessary capitalization. However, while working on content, any writer can make multiple mistakes that can hurt its quality. 

You can utilise an online proofreader to ensure your work is marked as high quality. This facility eliminates the need to proofread a document manually and allows freelance writers to detect grammatical mistakes in their content. 

Besides detection, the proofreading tool also helps them rectify errors. You can use the suggestions to fix highlighted errors and make your content errorless in no time. 

Keywords Research Tool

Most of the time, the clients hunt down freelance writers who can provide some SEO value to them. If you show your proficiency with SEO, the chances of cracking a deal with any client will be much higher. Among several factors of SEO, freelance writers must focus majorly on keywords. When you apply for a freelance job for writing, the client may ask you to conduct keyword research. Keyword research is crucial to nail down any article’s primary and secondary keywords. 

This task cannot be executed manually, as you need accurate data to achieve the content goals for any website or blog. 

For this purpose, the keywords research tool can be a handy solution. This tool makes it easy to identify the most relevant and high-volume keywords within a particular niche. By entering a topic or subject, the keywords research tool generates a list of keywords and key phrases that are currently trending or frequently searched by online users. By acquiring this data, you can align your content with the interests and needs of the targeted audience and help your client meet the set objectives.

Task Management Tool

As a freelance writer, you have to handle multiple tasks in a single day or week. When clients keep sending you work, and you don’t keep track of their deadlines, your entire workflow can face disruption. This nuisance can make your clients dissatisfied, and they might cancel their orders. 

In addition, you can also get negative reviews which may result in hurting your freelance profile in the web world. 

You can avoid this hassle by using task management tools. This facility gives you an easy way to create, organize, and prioritize tasks associated with each project. You can set deadlines, allocate time for research and writing, and even integrate reminders to help you stay on track with the assistance of this utility.

Paraphrasing Tool

The last but not least important tool for freelance writers is a paraphrasing tool. Many people think that paraphrasing is a prohibited action, just like plagiarism. However, it’s not true because when you are required to write a single piece of information repeatedly, there is no option except for paraphrasing. 

Suppose that you are asked to write about the functionality of a gadget. No matter how many times you need to write about the instructions for its usage, the information will remain the same. In such cases, you cannot simply copy-paste the text and use it as-it-is in every copy, as it will lead you to face the consequences of plagiarism. 

Paraphrasing is the only way out to convey the same information without leaving any trace of duplication. For this purpose, freelance writers can rely on the paraphrasing tool. This automated tool uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms that understand the context of your text and paraphrase it accordingly. 

A paraphrase tool can help freelance writers to break writer’s block and ensure they produce the assigned content efficiently.

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