Selecting a Continuing Education Course: Essential Factors to Consider

Continuing education is undoubtedly essential to dental professionals. These are lifelong professional courses aimed at keeping you updated.Taking such courses is essential as they help you maintain the highest standard care. It can also help you maintain licensure. However, with a lot of such courses online, choosing the right one can be challenging. Here are the essential factors you should consider in your selection. 

Accreditation and Approval

For starters consider the program’s accreditation and approval, beingoffered by a reputable institution like the Tufts Dental School and recognized by professional bodies. This will guarantee you that the course you intend to undertake meets specific educational standards. The accreditation will also ensure thatcredits from such a program are recognized. Checking these elements call for verification with recognized commissions like the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition (CCEPR). You can also consult professional associations or the state dental board. 

Course Objectives and Content 

To determine suitability, you should review the course objectives and content. This process entails looking at the course learning objectives. It’d be best if the objectives were specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to your area, and time. This will help you know what you will be able to do at the end. In addition, check the course breakdown to determine how detailed it is. Ensure that you also check the learning material provided in the online course. 

Relevance to Your Practice 

This selection process also calls for considering relevance to your practice. Ensure that what you learn from the course is applicable to your area of work. You will do this by assessing what your work needs, taking a closer look at your current services, and identifying the gaps in your knowledge. While doing so, you will set professional goals and evaluate practice trends. This process will ensure that the time and resources you put into the course yield tangible results. 

Faculty Expertise

Evaluating the faculty expertise is also crucial in this selection because it helps you determine a lot. Since it entails researching the instructors’ credentials, you will be able to tell if they are qualified enough to offer the online course to dental professionals. Through this process, you can also determine the instructors’ teaching experience. The best way to evaluate the instructors’ expertise is by reviewing their publications and research. 

Learning Format

Consider the learning format to determine if it will be suitable for your learning style. This is important because the learning format impacts your engagement and retention. You will start by evaluating your preferences and reflecting on your past learning experience. While at it, you will consider your schedule and assess the level of interaction. This process will help you find courses by institutions like the Tufts Dental School, which employ a combination of in-person, hands-on, and lecture. 

As a dental professional, you must continuously learn to be updated on industry trends. There are online courses that you can take. Those programs are aimed at helping you stay updated without interrupting your busy schedule. Unfortunately, their vast number complicates the selection process. That’s why you should consider the factors you have read here.

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