Data-Driven Support: Unlocking Insights with Zoho CRM call Center Integration and Analytics

No matter what the size of the business is, to remain prominent and to grow immensely, the feedback of customers is very important. Sales executives receive hundreds of different calls from cold calls, negotiation calls, and follow-up calls to reminder calls on a daily basis which highlight the performance of businesses in the form of customers’ pain points, complaints, and suggestions which can make a business stand out in a highly competitive market. To make full use of the customers’ feedback, it is essential to route calls to the expert people of the organization, to keep track of all the previous calls made by the relevant customer, and keep the customer’s history of purchasing and current deals. 

All of these things require the use of software that can streamline all the operations in one place and makes sure to provide the best customer service. Combining multiple forms of communication into one unified platform which forms an advanced communication platform is called Integrated Phone Systems. To bring out the best-integrated features, it is inevitable to integrate call centers of businesses with the best phone systems. Zoho integration with call centers streamlines all the operations of the businesses on one platform providing the best Zoho call center integration solutions. An infographic link showing how the Zoho phone system’s integration with call centers works can be checked.  

Zoho Integration for Call Centers

As an instance, Bright Pattern’s contact center software has been interfaced with Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM to give customers the best experience. With the integration with Zoho Desk, customer service KPIs have been improved and give better services to customers 

Zoho’s Features for Call Centers Integration 

Zoho is the best software that is used to provide the best Call center services by Zoho phone system integration with Call Centers. Zoho is an impressive suite of 34 other SaaS apps that have been in the business since 1996. Zoho’s CRM is the main offering and one of the most powerful and widely used ones. Zoho apps are broadly classified into six categories:

  1. Sales and Marketing
  2.  Email and Collaboration
  3. Business Process
  4. Finance
  5. IT and helpdesk
  6. Human Resources

Zoho’s IT apps help organizations’ IT support tools to streamline their processes and stay productive. Four apps (as of spring 2017) will help your IT team provide online and remote support, and manage IT issues and mobile devices. Four apps are:

  1. Desk
  2. Assist
  3. Service Desk Plus
  4. Mobile Device Management

Zoho’s Phone System Integration with Call Centers

A phone system for any organization is very important to keep track of the progress of the business. So, the proper choice of phone system is important. A private Branch Exchange System (PBX) is a telephony network that has been used in most businesses to make external or internal calls. Conventional PBX systems involve the installation of suitable telephone equipment; however, Modern PBX systems involve the cloud services which rule out the use of specific or expensive equipment and also store the information of customers. This not only modernizes the communication system of businesses but also makes their customer services more reliable, reachable, and authentic. Zoho integration with phone systems provides similar kinds of services. 

Cloud Computing and Its Importance

Cloud Computing, to put it simply, is to use the computing power of the cloud in combination, or instead of, with the power of your computer on your desk or in your pocket. Cloud computing offers remarkable features;

  • Availability; available everywhere merely with an internet connection
  • Performance; immense power of thousands of servers at your disposal
  • Multi-tenancy; it allows resources to be used efficiently
  • Security; Clouds are way more secure than local servers or computers
  • Reliability; Data backup is available
  • Maintenance; No need of physical maintenance or software updates

Zoho CRM Integration Features for Call Center

CRM is the star of the show with the most number of users among Zoho apps. Zoho CRM provides 5 editions Free Edition, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Ultimate Edition, Professional Edition and a recent addition is CRM Plus. 

  • The Zoho CRM system keeps track of all the crucial information about the leads and clients.
  • It is the platform to handle all incoming and outgoing calls thanks to this functionality.
  •  Additionally, it notifies you of upcoming calls, recognizes the caller, and compares the caller’s information to the customer’s record in Zoho CRM.

Integration with Zoho Desk

The purpose of the call center is to manage customer communication; Zoho Desk helps in managing customer communication and much more. Call Centers can be Inbound call centers; where customers make calls to agents or Outbound call centers; where agents make calls to existing and potential clients. Zoho desk helps with both types of call centers. As per Zoho, Desk is the “industry’s first context-aware help desk software”.

Zoho call center integration solutions

Using the remarkable features of Zoho, the following are the ways how businesses can modernize their call centers by integrating Zoho with call centers.

Quick Access to Information

It helps to create Customer Service Portal and knowledge base for your customers, from which they can find solutions to common problems. 

First step reporting the issue

Detailed Reporting, a mobile app for customer service on the go.

Access to the Expert’s response and first-step resolution

Zoho Desk assigns and routes the customer’s call to the right agent based on department, team, and account. This will help in resolving the issues at the first step. 

Creation of a multilevel IVR menu setup

Zoho desk helps to create a multi-level IVR menu setup which helps to create responses up to five levels. It helps customers find answers with simple commands. 

Reliable and Quick Response to Customer’s Queries

As per the 2012 Aberdeen group report; agents use 11% of their time to get customer’s information. Integration of Zoho Desk with its CRM app can provide agents the information about a customer’s sales history, details of current deals, etc. This will help in providing fast, genuine responses to customers and will increase their reliability.

Availability and Low Cost

  It is easy to be maintained and install. It does not require any kind of physical equipment or maintenance. The information of thousands of customers is stored, backed up, and available at any place merely by an internet connection. 

Call by a Simple Click

Sales agents can call with a simple click on the ZOHO dashboard. It is cost-effective as it saves costs on outbound calling. 


In a nutshell, it can be said that customers’ feedback and trust act as the backbone of any small, medium, and large business enterprise. With technological advancement, the use of technological tools is inevitable. Integration of Zoho phone systems with call centers will increase the customers’ trust and consequently, business growth. Because Customers will not have to repeat their complaints again and again, their purchasing history will be readily available and call routing will result in the immediate resolution of their complaints. Therefore, it will be beneficial for businesses in many ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How are call center operations simplified by integrating ZOHO with Call centers?

Zoho simplifies operations of call centers by storing customers’ history, by making automatic outgoing or ingoing calls. It also keeps track of a customer’s calling history. 

2. How do businesses grow by integrating phone systems with Zoho?

By integrating Zoho with the call centers, businesses can bring immense progress in their success ratio by taking regular feedback from the customers, resolving their issues on the first call, or entertaining their needs by routing their calls to the right persons in their organizational teams. 

3. How do thousands of customers’ data is stored and easily reached by Zoho?

Zoho’s cloud computing is used to store the data of thousands of customers. It requires no physical equipment. It is readily accessible merely on a click, all one to have an internet connection.

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