Everything You Need To Know About Buying a Mac Printer

Mac computers use a proprietary operating system and require compatible peripheral devices and software. When you are shopping for a printer or scanner for Mac, you should be aware of the compatibility requirements for this type of computer. Find out everything you need to know to buy the best printer or scanner to use with your Mac.

MacOS Compatibility

Mac computers use the MacOS operating system. Even if a printer works with Mac hardware, it is important to choose a model that also has printer software compatible with MacOS. These applications can make it much easier to adjust or fine tune printing and scanning settings.

In addition to printer software, it is also important to have the right device drivers. Should you experience difficulties using the included drivers, you can check online to download the latest Mac versions.

Fast Scanning Speeds

Printers and scanners that are compatible with Mac can operate at fast speeds. The wireless, portable ScanSnap® iX100 can scan a single-sided page in 5.2 seconds. You can use the ScanSnap® iX1300 to scan up to 30 double-sided pages per minute. There are also one-touch and cloud-enabled ScanSnap® scanners that are compatible with Mac as well as high-volume standalone document scanner models.

Connecting a laser printer to your Mac makes it possible to quickly complete print jobs. The 132 P black and white laser printer can print up to 34 pages per minute. If you want to be able to print in color, the C125 P color laser printer prints up to 26 ppm. You can also invest in an all-in-one multifunction printer, scanner, fax machine and copier such as the black and white 132 MF or the color C125 MF.

Wireless Printing Support

Some printer and scanner models support wireless connectivity. The compact ScanSnap® iX100 and iX1300 scanners can work wirelessly right out of the box. These devices do not need to plug directly into your Mac and may also accept print jobs from mobile iOS devices or other types of computers. 

An optional Wi-Fi dongle makes it possible to send print jobs to most printer models from mobile devices using AirPrint™ and Mopria®. If you want to be able to work anywhere by using portable peripherals, you should also consider investing in a wireless portable monitor touchscreen.

The Best Mac Printers

The best printers that are compatible with Mac are easy to set up and have fast printing speeds. You can also use software to switch to a slower speed and get excellent print quality. It is easy to adjust other printer settings when you select a model compatible with Mac hardware that has printer software for MacOS.

You can determine which model of Mac-compatible printer or scanner to buy based on your printing and imaging needs. It is also a good idea to factor in the availability of software that works with the version of MacOS on your computer. With a little preliminary research, you can invest in a printer or scanner that is guaranteed to work with your Mac.

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