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Garena Free Fire. Best survival Battle Royale on mobile!

In today’s time everyone knows about Free Fire, it does not need any kind of introduction. This is a game that is going on a lot in mobile battle games in today’s time. Free Fire has 60 million user reviews and 500 million downloads.You can download it and try it once. It was launched in 2017, it was made for Android and iOS, its son version was released before pubg came to PC, after this it came to the mainstream after its launch. 

Free Fire Game Modes. It has been running at the very top for 3 years, it is the most downloaded title on the play store.

Free Fire is developed in 3D as a team by 111 Studios. Its engine is very versatile and it provides you with many features. This is a must for creative freedom. Published by garena during the development of 111 Dots Studio.

Free Fire Maps

As we are saying, free fire is a primary battle title. They already thought that it would add variety and other competitive game modes. Some of these became permanent staples as the demand for it was very high. Players must provide some variety in a game. Some game modes remained in it forever after its release, which is as follows –

1) Clash Squad: In this, you can join a team of only four people, in two teams, in which the objective is to defeat the friend of your enemy. There are 7 rounds in which the team with the most wins. With every win and kill people, they are able to make money from it. Which those people use to buy weapons.This game mode is very similar to CS:GO.

2) Classic: In this 50 player fight , it can be known that the best player among them is the one who lasts till the last, he is the classic player.

3) Rush Hour: In this mode 20 players drop at one place, with whom the match is fixed, fight with them, the one who kills everyone wins.

4) Kill Secured: This is a mode in which it should have more kills than the objective side. Every time the player dies in it. Dog tag is dropped in this, more points are received by taking it.

Free Fire Gameplay

In this the main mode of Free Fire is Free Fire battle mode. In which 50 people descend on its land in 3 maps. And run here and there to collect the weapon, it gives an edge to their opposite by looting it. In this, players can sign for different groups such as solos, duos, and squads. It gives a chance to play with themselves. With your partner or with other 4 players. Free Fire is like a third person shooting game. There are many different types of weapons in this which include – rifles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

Free Fire Characters

At present, there are more than 30 characters in Free Fire and from these you can choose your best character. It depends on your playing style, it has some amazing characters which are as follows –

Alok: Many of its usefulness, it can heal itself, this is the biggest strength.

Kapella: It gives you good support, increases your healing power. knocked down before you die.

Clu: It detects the enemies from a distance,where the enemies are. It can share its finding power with its team.

Wolfram: This is a very powerful character, after killing the enemies and its strength keeps on increasing. This is a very progressive character.

Free Fire Weapons

There are many weapons in this which you can buy and use with coins, there are some free Fire Weapons such as Pistols (HG), Assault Rifles (AR), Submachine Guns (SMG), Shotguns (SG), Sniper Rifles. (SR), Melee etc. which you use to kill your enemies.

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