Instagram Reels vs. TikTok: Which Is Better for Your Brand?

Many marketers and video makers wondered when Instagram Reels arrived in 2020, should I concentrate on Instagram Reels rather than TikTok? It is a typical concern for business runners when building a content strategy for social media platforms. As you may know, excellent social media content must be one-of-a-kind. Never duplicate videos from various channels. It implies that developing original, high-quality content might require significant time and hard work. Sadly, most small company owners do not have time to create social media content. You are probably unsure which platform to concentrate on for your social media video content to achieve the most profitable outcomes for your business.

The following tutorial will teach you all you need to know to select between instagram reels views and TikTok. We go through the many aspects of TikTok and Instagram Reels and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each. Choosing a suitable platform may make or break your social media marketing efforts. So, read this instruction before you begin producing new video material.

Pick one that suits your brand:

Reels and TikTok are both excellent venues for corporate marketing. TikTok, on the other hand, handles the information with its unique qualities. As a result, most businesses will want to utilize TikTok to market their brand. However, you can also examine your audience and where they spend their time. So, Reels may be the perfect place for growing your brand if your company has a large following on Instagram. For your video promotion, never be scared to leverage both platforms. Both can be beneficial to you. Leveraging both to publish material might be an intriguing approach with several advantages depending on your company or personal brand.

Duration of the video:

The first difference you may notice while making a video on the two platforms is the duration of the video. The maximum video duration on TikTok was recently expanded to 10 minutes, although reels are now limited to 90 seconds. It is a significant distinction that influences the content flow on each platform. Because artists have far less time to spare, reels are frequently more concentrated and speedier than TikTok video. YouTubers may look deeper into their themes or build more complicated stories on TikTok. Know the limitations before designing your content, as it is vital, while this difference alone is unlikely to convince you to switch platforms.

Voice, video effects, and face filters:

TikTok, which began as a lip-syncing forum, provides numerous effects and filters for users to utilize to bring their videos to life. TikTok has also identified some video editing trends and challenges and includes these filters in its extensive library to make editing and sharing easier. Instagram Reels also has many video filter choices. However, Instagram just added language filters in 2021. Apps optimize their features to fulfill the requirements of people with disabilities (PWDs). In 2021, Instagram Reels, with voice filters, added a text-to-speech feature. TikTok makers also employ auto-generated or closed subtitles to assist viewers in following the discourse. TikTok’s Duet function authorizes users to post a video with another user’s original video. Instagram Reels, with its Remix option, provides a comparable capability.


As Instagram Reels and TikTok compete for market share, they are adding new tools that allow brands to receive vital data continuously about how their video is doing. Instagram Reels Insights is a main page where video developers can locate and analyze critical statistics to understand the undertaking of their reels. The overview displays vital stats such as views, accounts reached, comments, saves, likes, and shares. Additionally, developers get entry to viewer data such as age range, geography, gender, and others. TikTok offers comparable information on the developer’s video and account success. It displays core information such as video views, profile views, follower growth, likes, shares, and comments.

Rates of participation:

Creators and viewers may like, share, rewatch, PM, comment, repost, embed, and pin TikTok interactions to their favorites. The instagram reels impressions are similar to TikTok. In addition, creators and viewers may like, comment, repost, share, rewatch, private message, embed, and pin videos to their favorites.

Advertising opportunities:

When developing your social media content strategy, keep paid advertising in mind. You can buy likes on instagram to increase your audience. Because reels are on Instagram, you may use Meta’s advertising platform from this page. Like TikTok, it also provides a broader choice of advertising alternatives and excellent targeting capabilities. However, we should indicate shoppable ads with product labels if we see reels only for advertisements. Because you can sell your items directly through Instagram Reels, these ad styles are great for e-commerce businesses. You can access some fairly spectacular ad forms on the platform if you need more than TikTok’s organic popularity. These are some examples, such as Branding Effects, Top View Ads, and In-Feed Ads.

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