Does the Addiction to Sports Betting Increase With the Use of Modern Technologies?

All facets of our lives have undoubtedly been impacted by the Internet’s advent and the introduction of new technologies, particularly the entertainment industry. Since sports betting is a popular activity everywhere, the development of contemporary technology and the emergence of the Internet have also had an impact on it. Numerous experts assert that the advent of these technologies has not only improved our quality of life but also given rise to a host of new issues, many of which are mental health and psychological in nature. Let us examine how sports betting has been impacted by contemporary technology and whether this is one of the main causes of addiction in our day and age. 

1. What Were the Changes?

You are undoubtedly already aware that sports betting and other gambling activities did not operate in the same manner prior to the widespread introduction of the Internet and its integration into our contemporary culture. There were no smartphone betting apps, bright, colorful gambling websites with up-to-date slot machines and games, and you had to go to a betting shop to place a wager on your preferred sport. No BetKing withdrawal problem was possible at the time, which was also great.

Sports betting had a certain allure that modern sports betting lacks, despite being extremely complex prior to the internet taking over the globe. As long as you have access to the internet, gambling is now a solitary pastime that you can engage in anywhere — at home or on vacation. However, in the past, sports betting was primarily a social activity that involved mingling with others, congregating in groups, and engaging in discourse on a variety of subjects, for instance, in bars or pubs where sporting events were customarily televised. 

The ability to gamble and place bets on your favorite sports without having to leave your house or comfort zone is one of the biggest changes brought about by the development of technology in the sports betting sector. If you have a mobile application installed on your phone or even just have access to a computer and a bank account, you can complete the process in a few seconds. The “accessibility” aspect of it has been completely changed; you can now accomplish what you need to do by simply swiping your device’s screen a few times, eliminating the need for pointless movements.

2. The Nature of Gambling Addiction

Many people view sports betting as risky and complicated, and there is certainly a good reason for that — otherwise, most people would not find this to be such an opaque and dangerous activity. Sports betting and gambling, in general, are undoubtedly very risky. The issue is that, once you get started, very few people will tell you this despite numerous prevention campaigns, preventive measures, and the fact that gambling is illegal in many countries. As a result, many people continue to regularly engage in online gambling activities without realizing the risks. If you are aware of the potential risks and dangers associated with gambling, you can engage in this activity safely. It would seem logical that you could avoid problems altogether by being aware of them.

There are many reasons why people get addicted to gambling, but the main one is because these games are played with real money. By definition, the money factor is extremely deceptive because it adds more excitement to the game than using fictitious money. 

However, the issue here is that once you develop an addiction to real money games, it is impossible to break the habit, even when you are objectively losing a lot of money. 

Gambling stimulates the brain’s reward system in a similar way to drugs and alcohol, so once you start, it is hard to stop. The rush that comes with winning never goes away. 

Experts claim that compulsive gamblers use gambling, similar to drug or alcohol abusers, as a coping mechanism for stress or anxiety or, less frequently, as their main source of income. Like any addiction, gambling addiction typically results in debt and financial difficulties; however, the risk of losing money is even more heightened when playing money games.

3. A Favorable Environment for Addiction

But what connection exists between compulsive gambling and contemporary technology? It turns out that this link is even easier to notice than you may have thought. 

People who are prone to game addiction have found a haven in modern technology; this phenomenon is not limited to gambling but rather to games in general. Virtual gaming has become more widely available thanks to the development of new technologies and the internet, giving more people access to this kind of entertainment. Turning on your computer and going to a sports betting website is simple; all you need is your bank account, the gambling platform, and yourself. There is no need to leave the house or engage with others.

People have more options and opportunities to play freely, for as long as they want, without being disturbed or second-guessing their decisions, now that they do not have to put on clothes, go to a pub, converse with other gamblers, or go to an arcade or casino to play.

The fact that there are more opportunities to gamble is another issue that makes it easier for addiction to develop. Nowadays, every top gambling website has between 20 and 50 sports to choose from, in addition to a plethora of other betting options and features that were not available a few years ago. The advent of the internet has brought about the appearance of promotions, jackpots, and other games, or at the very least, it has made them more easily accessible.


In summary, it can be stated that contemporary technology undoubtedly contributes to gambling addiction by fostering an environment that is conducive to the development of such issues. There are no barriers or reasons for modern bettors to abstain from gambling unless they are aware of the risks involved. Everybody over the age of eighteen has access to a multitude of betting opportunities through the Internet, which makes everything easily accessible. There is no doubt that this is a problem worth thinking about and that our society needs to address it actively.  Although we believe that gambling should not be outlawed or restricted, those who like to gamble online should be aware of the dangers and risks associated with this activity.

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