Temporary Car Insurance: What You Need To Know?

When you think of insurance, you can picture a long-term commitment that provides you with financial security in a terrible circumstance. Contrary to popular belief, auto insurance is not as strict as it seems. Its nature is quite active. The policyholder can make certain modifications to the plan, pick their chosen insurance provider, and decide which kind of insurance best suits their needs. The best illustration of this is short-term auto insurance; it offers extremely flexible coverage that safeguards the policyholder’s finances against unforeseen events.

What is a Temporary Car Insurance? 

Short-term car insurance, also referred to as temporary auto insurance, can protect you in various situations. It can cover you from one hour to one month, whether borrowing a friend’s car or picking up a vehicle you’ve just purchased. You can also use short-term car insurance if you need someone else to drive your car for a short period.

Temporary car insurance typically provides fully comprehensive coverage – the highest level of car insurance – which covers any damage you cause to other people’s cars and your own.

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How does Temporary Car Insurance Work?

How does Temporary Car Insurance Work
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Short-term insurance typically covers you for one to 28 days, though some policies cover you for up to 90 days. The eligible vehicles vary by insurer, but most offer a selection that includes cars, motorcycles, and motorhomes. There are various limits to how valuable the vehicle can be.

Most temporary car insurance providers will not provide temporary car insurance if you intend to transport goods or passengers for a fee. As a result, some companies will not cover larger vans or anything with more than eight doors. Again, different insurers will have different criteria, and some may allow limited commercial use.

Who needs temporary insurance?

Who needs temporary insurance
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There are some situations where paying a one-year premium makes more sense than short-term insurance.

1. Students

If your student is coming home for the summer or the holidays and plans to drive, they will require insurance. In addition to saving money on coverage with a student away-at-school discount from many carriers, you can add temporary coverage for them to your current vehicle insurance policy.

2. Family members are driving a vehicle

If a family member borrows a car from you for a day, your insurance will cover them; however, if they need it for more than a day, they must have their insurance. You can add temporary insurance for the period that they are using the car.

3. Rental cars

A short-term auto insurance policy may be a good idea if you don’t have coverage now and don’t want to pay for the overpriced rental company’s coverage.

Short-term coverage might be a more cost-effective choice to feel secure if you’re renting for a long time.

4. International insurance

If you’re an ex-pat or have a job overseas and intend to drive, you’ll require interim insurance coverage. Your domestic auto insurance plan typically excludes coverage for driving abroad.

5. Storing an automobile

Your car needs insurance, even if it’s in storage. Your car will be protected if you have temporary insurance in case it is damaged while being kept.

6. Insurance for car sharing and vehicle borrowing

Car sharing entails having a car only when you need it. However, because you do not own the vehicle, you do not have a traditional insurance policy to protect you in the event of an accident. Some car-sharing companies provide vehicle insurance, but you can supplement their coverage with your temporary policy.

7. Car dealerships provide temporary insurance

Some dealerships will provide temporary insurance after buying a car, giving you time to find a more permanent solution. Check the coverage to ensure it meets your needs.

Types of Temporary car insurance

1. Insurance for the Unexpected

Insurance for the Unexpected
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This insurance covers vehicles purchased on a lease or loan. It necessitates that a third-party finance the vehicle. The coverage provided by Gap insurance is activated in the event of a total loss, i.e. damage beyond repair. In this case, the insurance company will compensate you for the car’s market value. If the loan amount exceeds the market value or Insured Declared Value, Gap insurance will pay the difference to close the loan on the policyholder’s behalf.

2. Car insurance for non-owners

In some circumstances, you might need to drive a car you do not own for a short time. In these cases, non-owner car insurance may be an excellent option. Non-owner auto insurance is similar to standard insurance coverage in that it protects you when you drive someone else’s car. 

3. Rental car insurance

Rental car insurance is a choice if you frequently use a rental car. Personal accident insurance will cover the expenses for the driver, passengers, and ambulance in a car accident. Insurance for personal effects will pay any costs incurred due to a rented car being broken into. A loss damage waiver (sometimes called a collision damage waiver) releases the driver from financial liability if the rental car is destroyed or stolen, even though it isn’t insurance.


If you don’t drive frequently, you may hesitate to purchase car insurance when you need to get behind the wheel. Temporary car insurance is a viable option. When you need temporary car insurance, you need to arrange something quickly and don’t want to arrange a year’s worth of coverage at the last minute.

Adding a short-term car or driver to your existing policy can be done quickly over the phone with customer service. The standard level of cover with temporary insurance is fully comprehensive, providing you with a higher level of protection than simply relying on your ‘driving other cars’ extension, which in most cases only provides third-party cover.

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