Tucson Car accident: A look at important Arizona laws

A high number of traffic accidents are reported each month in Tucson. As someone who has suffered injuries in a car crash, you may find yourself wrestling with many things. Before anything, call the local law enforcement and ensure you seek prompt medical care. If someone needs emergency assistance, call 911. When the accident is the other driver’s fault, you can file a claim and seek compensation. Talk to a Tucson Car accident attorney to know what the case is worth. In this post, we discuss a few imperative Arizona laws related to traffic accidents.  

Arizona’s fault-based system

Like most states, Arizona has a fault-based system for car accidents. That essentially means that you can file a claim with the other party’s insurer. Whether you want compensation for injurie or vehicle damage, the process remains the same. The fault-based rule makes negligent drivers liable for their actions, and their respective insurance companies will pay the injured/hurt party up to liability coverage limits.

Deadline for car accident lawsuits

At times, the insurance offer is inadequate to cover the losses of the victim. However, the victim can file a car accident lawsuit in civil court to sue the at-fault party. According to Arizona’s statute of limitation, you have two years to take legal action, counting from the date of the crash. Remember that waiting until the last minute to start the case could be a big mistake, as you have to gather evidence and go through the insurance process.

Comparative fault in Arizona

Arizona has a pure comparative fault system in place. If you are partly responsible for the crash, you still have the right to seek compensation from the other party. That right remains intact even when the claimant is primarily responsible. However, depending on the fault, you will also lose a part of the final compensation. For example, if you got $20,000 as the award for your lawsuit but were also 30% at fault, your settlement will be $14,000.

Final word

If you are confused about how to proceed with your car accident lawsuit, meet an injury lawyer as soon as possible. They will do a case review and not ask for a standard retainer fee. Instead, the attorney will recover their dues from your settlement only if you win. A competent attorney will also ensure you don’t deal with the claims adjuster directly and have the necessary support for the entire legal process.

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