What are Common Neck Injuries After Car Accidents?

When there is a crash, the body is exposed to severe trauma physically, and it affects various parts of the body. There are multiple restraints like seatbelts and other protection to rest your body, but they do little protection to the neck and head, leading to severe neck injuries from a car accident. There has been various research that proves that road accidents are the main reason for neck injuries. 

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What are Common Neck Injuries After Car Accidents? 

Your neck is one of the vulnerable body parts in an accident case. It comprises bones, muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels that the force of an accident can damage. So, the following are some of the examples of neck injuries that a person can sustain in a car accident. 

  • Whiplash: It is commonly found in a car accident case that the neck suffers a whiplash. It results from rapid back and forth or side-to-side neck movement during a sudden impact. Some symptoms of whiplash are headaches, dizziness, neck stiffness, and pain that worsens when you move your neck. 
  • Muscle Sprain and Strain: The neck has muscles that can get damaged, leading to mild to severe pain and reduced range of motion. It will also restrict you from conducting your daily activities efficiently. 
  • Cuts and Lacerations: There can be minor to severe cuts and lacerations to the neck, and it can leave you with neck scars that can require plastic surgery. If there is a deep cut, then it can lead to severe bleeding and also pose a threat to your life. 

So, these are specific severe neck injuries that one can suffer due to car accidents. Treating these injuries as soon as possible is essential so they do not become significant life-threatening injuries. 

How to Treat Neck Injury? 

Neck injuries are mild enough to heal with little medicinal or home remedies intervention. However, some injuries could be severe enough to affect daily activities and can cause acute and chronic pain to the victim. So, in such conditions, you can require pain relief medications or injections to rest your muscles, chiropractic care, physical therapy, surgery, or a neck brace to provide support. 

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