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What Is a Sitemap || Are Sitemap Still Relevant For SEO?

In this article, we are going to talk about sitemaps. So what is a sitemap and how it can help you in your SEO?

So let’s dive in.

So one of the most important parts of SEO is the process of search engine getting onto your website and indexing all the pages so that these pages can get ranked in search engine depending upon the content that you have written.

Now your website is not just the only website on Internet. Search engines have to crawl millions and millions of websites daily. So the resources and the time they spent on your website will obviously be very limited. Now, in order to make sure that the limited time and resources we have, we get the best out of it.


So it’s our responsibility to help the search engines to read our website in a very effective way so that we don’t miss out on any page from getting indexed or any page getting delayed in indexing.

So for that, we use sitemaps and not just for search engines. Sitemaps are very helpful for your front-end visitors as well. Now you might not be able to put everything in the navigation of your website.

So HTML or a front-end site map can help your visitors visit the respective pages they might be searching for. So on that front end sitemap which you build using any front end that you are using for your site and then list all the categories and various important pages, and your visitors will be able to reach a specific page they might be looking for. And on the other hand, we create an XML site map for search engines.

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Now, this XML site map you can hide from the visitors as well, but it’s only meant for search engines. And with that search engines will be able to read all the pages from your website in a proper listing way.

Now you must be using some SEO plugins like Yoast or Rank Map. They already have the feature to create an XML sitemap. And if in case you are not using any of these tools, you can still get the XML sitemap, which is now inbuilt with the latest version of WordPress.

So you don’t have to use any of these SEO tools to create an external sitemap. And once your XML site map is ready, all you have to do is just submit that in the search engine where you want to get your website indexed.

So it’s not that your website will not get indexed. If you don’t submit the XML sitemap, it will get submitted, but it will get the process started quickly and it will like

help the search engines read all the pages on your side in a better and more time-efficient way and how you submit that XML site map in the Search console.


So this is all about sitemaps and I hope this will help.

I’ll see you in the next article.

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