Who Is Held Responsible for Compensation After a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents have become common due to rash driving skills, not following traffic rules or intoxicated driving. This results in minor and major physical injuries or even loss of life that results in life-long trauma. Getting injured in a truck accident can affect your physical and financial health. Thus, filing a claim becomes essential to obtain fair compensation for economic and non-economic losses. 

To get claims, it is vital to determine who was at fault. Therefore, hiring a truck accident lawyer from Tehrani Law Group can help you to settle a fair compensation. If you find it difficult to identify who is responsible to get compensation after a truck accident, you’ve landed on the right page. This article highlights some people who can be liable for the accident. Let’s explore! 

Top 5 Who Can Be Liable for the Truck Accident 

1. Truck Driver 

The truck driver is generally at fault during a truck accident. If a driver’s actions, like distracted driving, high speeding, not following the traffic rules, or driving under the influence, result in an accident, they will be held responsible. 

2. Truck Company 

The trucking company will be liable for the accident and share liability. This happens if the truck company fails to train the driver properly, neglects truck maintenance, and encourages unsafe driving practices. 

3. Truck Manufacturers And Mechanics

If there is any defect in the truck or its components like tires or brakes, the truck manufacturer or mechanism will be held liable for the accident. In this case, your truck accident lawyer will file a claim on your behalf. 

4. Cargo Loaders

In case the accident involved cargo, chances are high that it was responsible for the accident as cargo loaders did not do their job correctly. Some conditions are when the vehicle is overloaded or not loaded correctly, resulting in a collision. Moreover, Intersections are points where do broadside collisions most commonly occur because vehicles are traveling in different directions and may have conflicting paths.

5. Parties Responsible For Roadway Maintenance

In some cases, poorly maintained or developed roads are a reason for truck accidents. This poor road infrastructure results in truck accidents. In such cases, government entities designing and constructing that road are responsible for settling the claim. 


Truck accidents have become quite common worldwide. Determining the responsible person for the accident is vital for compensation. You can hire a truck accident attorney who collects all evidence on your behalf and gets you the maximum claim.

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