Clash of Clans Everything you need to know About Clash of Clans Game

Clash of Clans has been in the industry for years, but it is still attracting millions of people to play in it. If you have ever joined this game, then it takes from 48 hours to 72 hours to build a base in Clans hype train. If you follow our guideline then you will soon move from beginner to expert level. This game was released for ios users in 2012 and later launched for android users in 2013. This game is special for many people even after many years. Many people like this game.The secret behind this is that they are constantly updating their games and changing their game formats constantly. It is these two things due to which this game has been very popular.

It is completely free for you to play, it has many features and microtransactions.  This does not mean that you have to pay money to win the game. Its developers try to give you resources in this so that your chances of winning the game can increase. If you are still confused, then in this article you will get all such information for a beginner, from which you can be a beginner to pro level. So let’s start the conversation about this game.

The first forty eight hours are crucial

This game sounds like an alarm ring, it takes you 48 hours to build your base.  You have to first collect your resources as soon as you upgrade them. You will also need to upgrade your storage. If you keep collecting all the resources and you don’t have storage, then there is no point in collecting them. After upgrading both of these, it takes you at least two days.

The third day is for defence

Provide your shield for 3 days when you start the game. If you build houses of enemies, you become subordinate to them. It gives you a chance to collect resources in your spare time. To make a proper defense system for your village, if you do not do these tasks, then your village is destroyed, your village will be finished before it can be run. You have to upgrade your defense on the third day. You need to keep in mind that collection, storage, and your town hall needs to be upgraded already. You first need to upgrade your Mortar and Archer, it is very difficult to protect a village. You also need to upgrade your Cannons so that you can save your village for longer and play the game longer.

Save your gems

This one is not accessible in Clash of Clans games.  When you start the game first, you have to spend your gems, do not try to spend all your gems, keep some games, so that they can be useful in the future. It increases the speed of your upgrade, it also increases the speed of collecting mines. You can also use the games to buy shields. You must take your time to collect the games. This will come in handy when you feel the real need.

Base design is important

It matters a lot how you design your game, you just need to do a simple layout, you have to suck at the way you play, after that you will get enough resources. If you are safe then you can build a village again very soon. That’s why you need a layout to build.

Scout before you attack

In Clash of Clans, it is very important to make scouting before attacking others, it increases the power of collecting your resources.  It helps to fortify your village.  Attacking is not easy, you have to understand the composition of the enemy’s opponent, then only you can attack.

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