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Does Keyword In Domain Name Help In SEO? || Keyword In Domain Name

Does Keyword In Domain Name Help In SEO?  In this article, we are going to talk about if you should get the exact keyword match to book your domain name to boost your SEO ranking or doesn’t even have any SEO benefit or not. So let’s find out in this article.

If you are planning to build your business website or maybe you are planning to build a niche blog, so is it good to have the exact keyword match or maybe a little bit of keyword in your domain name?

Will that help you in SEO? So let’s first understand how you can use a keyword in your domain name. So there are two types of keyword matching domains. Number one is the Exact domain match where you just put the keyword out as your domain name.


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So maybe you are doing a wedding planner business and you go ahead and buy wedding planner dot Com, or maybe you have a diaper business and you just go ahead and buy Diaper. Com. So this is called exact keyword match,

Number two is a Partial Keyword match where you just use the keyword and then add some prefix or post fix so you can go ahead and play around with the keyword and then book your domain name.

So in both ways, there is nothing wrong if you have the keyword in your domain name. Now, according to the official statements from Google, they used to give preference to the domain where they find the exact keyword match or maybe the partial keyword.

But as the time passes as the search engines are getting smarter, they are not giving that much weighted to keywords in the domain name. Maybe exact match,

or maybe the partial match and what they give weighted to search engines only focus on the search intent and how relevant your content is for that search intent. Now, whenever you search for hotels, you might see websites like Hotel. Com, which is an exact keyword match.

Also, if you search for Cars, you might see Cars. Com, which is again, the exact keyword match.

So there is no harm if you use the exact keyword match or partial keyword match in your domain name is just the way you want to use it. But it’s not everything, but it’s almost impossible that you can find a short keyword as your domain name because most of them are already booked, and if not, they are so expensive that you cannot buy them until unless you are a million dollar company.

So for example, you have a website or a blog or eCommerce website, which is dealing with diapers. And if someone is searching about diapers and they land on your website because you got the exact keyword match and Google is showing it as the first result and the user clicks on that.

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They go on your website, but they find that your website is not relevant. It is not what they are looking for, and then they will bounce back.


Does Keyword In Domain Name Help In SEO? || Keyword In Domain Name

And if they scroll down to the third or fourth result and they find that relevant, then it’s a clear signal for Google or any search engine that people are not finding the first link relevant, even if there is the exact keyword match, so your rankings are going to go down.

You won’t be able to create any brand out of keywords in your domain name. The biggest social media network is not social media. Com. It’s Facebook. Com and one of the most popular forums online is not the popular forum. Com. It’s Reddit. Com.

So no matter you have keywords in your domain name or not, you can still go ahead and create a brand out of your website. But if you choose the keyword in your domain name, then first you need to think about can people remember your domain or your future brand easily?

And most importantly, are people going to find the relevant content published on that exact keyword match domain? Because if they don’t, then there is no way that Google is going to give you any preference because you have that exact keyword match in your domain name.

So no matter you go with an exact keyword match or partial keyword match or choose any XYZ as your domain name.

It’s not important as long as you have a strategy to make it big as a brand.


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