How to DEAL with INSULTS and NEGATIVE People in Our Life?

Let us say somebody insults you somebody affects you. You become depressed. Sir this person said this to me, that person said that to me. Now, I’m depressed.  But change that viewpoint. what is that viewpoint?

I want to purify myself. how will you purify yourself? if everybody praises you, will you get purified? No, you will only swell up. The purification will come in adverse circumstances. when somebody is criticizing you, somebody is testing you, now is the opportunity for purification.

The famous example of Saint Eknath- He took a bath in the holy Narmada, and when he came out there was a Pathan out there The Pathan with all the Venom inside him. He gargled and spat on Eknath. you have taken the sacred bath to purify yourself I will dirty you.

Eknath said, “Jai ho! ! Vitthal Bhagwan you are so merciful.” he went stand took another bath.  Pathan was still waiting for him. when Eknath stepped out, He spat on him again.

Eknath said, “Maharaj, This time you have outdone your mercy” he went again took his bath. Every time he would come out, The Pathan would spit on him Eknath would not give up, he would go and take another bath. and the Pathan would also not give up. he would spit on him. From morning it became evening time. People gathered on the sides of the Ghat. to see this competition that who will finally give up.


In the end, the Pathan gave up. He said ” are you made of stone or are you made of wood? i have been spitting on you without any reason and you have not even complained that what did I spoil of yours to receive this kind of treatment?”

Saint Eknath said, “you are my Benefactor. Because of you, I have had so many Narmada Baths. Why should i curse you?” RIght?

In that negative situation, saint Eknath is seeing that here’s an opportunity to purify myself. the non-yogi will say, Oh no, I’m so much distraught. people are disturbing me.” The yogi will say, “Ah, here’s the opportunity I was seeking all right, carry one, criticize me as much as you want I will not miss this opportunity for purification .”

See, a completely different perspective, right? if somebody criticizes us, we feel bad, but the yogi says, No that’s the golden chance you must not miss here is your opportunity.

In fact,  how do you purify yourself?  Tulsidas Ji says to find a critic, somebody who is particularly vituperative.

Who doesn’t mind telling you somebody like that keep in him in your courtyard, and put a tilak on his forehead. in Other words, respect him. And say go on. Whenever you become tired I’ll give you food to eat so that you are not devoid of energy. Tulasidas Ji says

That person will purify your mind without any soap, without any water. see when somebody is criticizing an ordinary person will say , this is the worst situation. I want to run away from here.


Tulasidas says this is the best situation. Why? Because Tulasidas Ji’s perspective is different how to purify? What does purification mean? Purification means Sahanshilta (Tolerance)

Where there is a reason for anger, but you are not annoyed.  There is a reason for attachment, but you’re not attached. there is the reason for pride, but you are not proud. there is a reason for envy, but you are not envious. there is a reason for hatred, but you are not hating. that is the purified state.


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Purification happens in adverse circumstances. so adverse circumstances are not bad things as we make them out to be. They are also blessings of God.

The negative creation has its both aspects, positive and negative. the negative aspect of creation is even more beneficial in the purificatory process. if somebody understands it, then they are always undisturbed. nothing can disturb them, because whatever happens is an opportunity to purify.

That’s why you would have heard the story of that Mahatma. He had an enemy. At least the enemy thought he’s an enemy THe Mahatma did not think he’s an enemy.

and this person would throw punk on his personality through any possible means. one day he passed away.

Now, the people, Mahatma Ji’s Followers cam to know that this evil man has died. They were Thrilled. What a relief, what a nuisance he was, They went and informed Mahatma Ji that you know, your enemy number one has died he is no more. Mahatma Ji heard and he started crying.

They said, “Mahatma Ji, he made life so miserable to you, now why are you crying?”

Mahatma Ji said, “you know, because of all his opposition I was progressing, I was getting purified. i am worried now that if he’s no longer alive, how well I get purified?”

Mahatma Ji is the Yogi That Shri Krishna is talking about, who has the primary objective of how to purify? when you decide that my topmost priority is to purify myself, then you welcome the adverse circumstances, adverse situations, and you are undisturbed in them.

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