How to generate income in US as an international student?

If you are a student who wants to overcome him/her expenses and earn a living by doing job or part-time job, then real this article carefully. In this article, we have mentioned several natural ways which will surely help you ti earn a living and some of these jobs can be operated from any part of the globe. Just like any another student, you must be worried about getting a part-time job which may pay well so you don’t have to worry about your daily and monthly expenses. Due to so much over-crowding, the jobs at café and malls are limited and reference is a big factor.

Now if you do not know anyone in US, you are forced to work hard and do some low type of work to at least get paid for your work. Here is a list of other sources of income which my surely help you to earn better and you would be very proud of yourself after finishing these jobs and may even choose them as your full-time jobs.


Being an influencer is the best job which anyone could ever have. This job not only brings huge fame but money too. Being an influencer is not an easy task but if you like your job and if you are good at making videos and attracting people towards you then you will surely live this job. You could start your journey by either making you tube videos or by uploading reels on Instagram. You can share your journey to this whole new country and your experience in this country. This work will not only educate other students but also help you to earn a living and help yourself too. Being influencer will make you popular among your friends and you can maintain your status too by this kind of job.


This current era is less likely for wars but more favourable towards the coder s and app builders. These days, almost everyone is at their phone and searching for some kind of entertainment which they could receive by different applications. If you are a coder, then you are surely a treasure for many companies and many companies will approach towards you with many big and shocking packages. There is a huge demand of coders in today’s market as everyone is buzy in searching and building a enjoyable games and applications. You could even become a web developer and start building your sites or make sites for others in exchange of some fees. This job is the highest paying job and you can operate this from any part of the globe. All you need to do is to learn different skills and pass the required examinations to get offers from big companies.

Stock Exchanger

Looking for the best job? There you go, stock market has become a new trend which everyone is following these days and already many investors have become millionaires. If you have some investing capital with you and some required knowledge about investing, then this could be your life changer. With the correct knowledge and predictions, you can even become unbeatable and may earn thousands of dollars just by your investments. You can even choose this as your full time career if you are really good at it.

Online business

Ever heard of business which get orders just from instagram or the main advertisement is through instagram and posts? Yes, this type of business also exist in the market and they are also unbeatable and many old firms can’t beat their strategy and their cheap advertisement and uniqueness. Business owners make some handmade work of art which are beautifully presented in their posts, and people get attracted by it and purchase them. If you also have art of creativity and know something good to be made by hands and at home then even you can start you business online and earn high revenues from it.


In this article, we have provided some good status works which will not only help you to generate wealth but also bring fame to you and to your business. These type of works have flexible hours and you can do them freely from your home without any investment cost.

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