On average, we spend eight hours a day working. For many people, this has long since ceased to be a way of earning a living, but it should also be meaningful. How can you escape the job rut and find something that really fulfills you? One way is to enjoy lightning roulette free game.

We get up, have breakfast, drive to work, spend about eight hours there – with a break on top – drive home, enjoy a bit of free time in the evening, go to sleep and the cycle starts all over again: the five-day working week probably looks something like this for most people.


1. Leave the job hamster wheel – with shorter working hours

How about simply working less? Alex Williams, a scientist at the University of London, would like to abolish the traditional 40-hour working week. Imagine if every week had a three-day weekend. The 4-day week would of course mean more free time, but according to this theory, it could also contribute to climate protection. The calculation: one day less of work would save the energy of commuter traffic and the office would also remain dark.

Above all, however, a shorter working week would benefit us personally: Less stress at work would mean better mental and physical health. We would also have more time for friends, family, sports and hobbies. On the third weekend day, for example, we could make more things ourselves instead of buying them – one way of compensating for the lower salary.

The 4-day week could mean a significant gain in personal freedom. Provided employers and wallets play along. Have a think about it and ask your employer whether this option is available – it doesn’t hurt to ask. You can also use the part-time calculator to find out how a reduction in working hours would affect your salary.

2. jobs with purpose instead of hamster wheel jobs

Are you dissatisfied with the content of your work? Would you like to “do good” in your job? This somewhat abstract-seeming wish can quickly turn into a concrete job: Numerous green job portals enable a targeted search for meaningful job advertisements. There are job offers from green energy companies, various associations, foundations, development projects or companies in the sustainability sector, for example.

Good Jobs: job offers with meaning or in the green sector

Green jobs: the job exchange for environmental professionals, also offers opportunities for volunteering abroad

Jobverde: extensive background information on the green job market and green job fairs

The Changer: advertises “jobs for people who want to change the world”

Epojobs: jobs in development policy

Escape the City: This interesting portal for anyone who no longer sees any point in their old job – not just green jobs

Kampajobs: small job platform for positions in the non-profit sector

Last but not least, unsolicited applications are a tried and tested means of changing jobs – they are particularly suitable for lateral entry. Do you like the new social start-up in town? Just ask if they could use some support. 

This way, you could find a new meaningful job sooner or later. If you have a brilliant business idea, you can leave the job rut behind you by setting up a company – in theory, anything is possible.

Jason Holder

My name is Jason Holder and I am the owner of Mini School. I am 26 years old. I live in USA. I am currently completing my studies at Texas University. On this website of mine, you will always find value-based content.

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